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first, i am dying over this wallpaper from cuff home and black crow studio. dying. i want a room in that pattern and a dress with that pattern to wear in it, like in garden state when andrew largeman’s aunt made him that shirt that matched the bathroom. god i love that movie and especially that scene. wouldn’t this pattern be amazing for that? i’ve got more to say if you’re interested, and i’m hopeful it’s a little less random than this post has been so far.

on an entirely different subject, my darling friend shoko wrote a wonderful article for the equals record about setting mid year resolutions! i love that idea. i’m not one to set formal new years resolutions but i do like to create a mindset for the year.  this year i’m working on being more present. it’s easy to get swept up in looking forward: the next vacation, the next girls night, the next date night, the next work project, tackling the next career goal. but when you’re focusing on the future, you’re missing out on enjoying the present, right?  and that’s a shame. so since i don’t really set new years resolutions i’m not going to set mid year resolutions, but i am going to use this opportunity to remind myself to spend more time in the right now and less time in the exciting future. unless i’m cleaning, during that time i will be thinking about future vacations exclusively. so what do you think? will you set a mid-year resolution? maybe yours could inspire me, please share!

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  1. Erika|

    I really like this idea about mid year resolutions. I'm going to write a list, just like I do in January!

  2. miya|

    I love the idea of the mid-year resolution. I think mine would be to be more zen about life and to appreciate change as inevitable. Thanks for stopping by the Equals Record–we appreciate it!