wide leg florals, oh the glory

alice & olivia’s high waisted wide leg pants are always a win in my book. these ones blow in the breeze like a million bucks.  i think if i had to choose one style of pant for the rest of my life it would be high waisted bells. i mean, that would get boring of course, but i’m talking about if i had to pick. what would yours be? it’s so dependent on body type, right? i don’t think i can rock boyfriend jeans, as much as i might want to for their comfort and slouchiness, while my friend catherine looks perfectly styled and amazing in them! but put me in some wide leg high waisted number and i’m golden. more after the jump and an outtake or two here. happy tuesday friends!  

here, here, and in a jumper here!), tank: james perse, shoes: BCBG (old), bag: heather heron (similar), bracelets: jcrew, gorjana, ettika ring: alexis bittar (similar)

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  1. liza|

    Gorgeous, you and the pants! If only I wasn't 5'4 I'd copy you and choose those too. : )
    If I had to wear only one type of bottoms forever & ever the end I'd choose these parachute type pants I wear (I got them in India). SO comfortable and sassy, I think. People are starting to rock them some in NYC I noticed but I can't find them online anywhere.

  2. liza|

    Sort of like these;

  3. sarah yates|

    thanks everyone! @liza those look insanely comfortable and like they would be the best travel pants!

  4. Erin|

    seriously?? this hotness is getting out of control. You've got to make the overdose of stunning stop :) heart you! xoxo

  5. Michelle|

    I don't think a style would get boring if you had a variety of patterns. Like these awesome trousers. You look great in them but I don't think I could pull off the look.