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happy friday everyone!  i feel like i’ve been kind of MIA on the interweb this week. and i’ve also been really mysterious about what’s going on, which i think must be so annoying!  but i promise, details as soon as i can.  in the meantime, check out these chairs and yummies!  I II III IV and a few other things that i think you’ll like…

i think these would make my whole closet feel better

i’m going to try this recipe tonight. will report back! do you have any recipe suggestions for sunchokes?

some friends of mine are GIVING AWAY A WEDDING. how insane is that?! get on it.

we’ve started (kind of) planning our honeymoon and this is where we’re headed! 

yesterday i met up with jessie, taylor and catherine at the thompson hotel rooftop. girl talk is that much sweeter with a great view.  highly recommend this spot.  

i ordered this, this and this during shopbop’s amazing sale this week.

this looks so incredibly light and refreshing, i’d just want to add a little vodka to the mix!

and last but very definitely not least, i leave you with this bit of cuteness.  happy weekend!

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  1. Sage|

    Happy Weekend!!
    I can't believe they're offering a free wedding, that is too wild, I'm checking out the details and will share it on my site too :)