don’t take it so seriously, it’s just life!

i feel like it should be mandatory that you listen to that song “walking on sunshine” while perusing these photos.  that song gets stuck in my head, but like most songs, i can only ever remember two lines…. “i’m walking on sunshine wooohooo “(obvs) and “it’s time to feel good!” and that pretty much sums up how i feel lately. summer is approaching, life is breezy and it’s time to feel GOOD!  get on it my friends. 

jeans: marc jacobs (also shown here), shirt: madewell (similar), shoes: dolce vita (on sale!), belt: jcrew, bag: clare vivier, lips: dior blazing red, watch: marc jacobs, bracelets: stella and dot

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  1. Cal|

    Love the Clare Vivier bag! Such a simple, classic piece. And that backdrop? The yellow definitely calls for some Walkin' on sunshine. Beautiful all around. Happy Tuesday! xocal

  2. paige|

    my crush continues. *sigh* love this look! i wore a similar denim on denim a few months back. i keep meaning to take pics for the blog, as it's one of my fave looks. and your photos are beautiful! any tips you can share?? would love an informational post.

  3. sarah yates|

    thanks so much everyone!
    @ paige, maybe for an ask sarah post down the road… is there anything specific you'd like to know??
    @ colleen i am thankful everyday for my talented husband! :)

  4. sartoriography|

    WOW. That wall plus the denim on denim look is just plain fabulous! I love that you've got such a bright background for a simple look. And that bag! I want it!

  5. paige|

    oh just mainly…can lou take my blog photos, too? seriously though…now that i think about it, my request is a bit ambiguous. i have a beautiful nikon that i don't know how to use, yet. instead of taking the easy way out and asking others for hints/tips/tricks…i need to play around with it, get to know all the features and functions. i guess what i love most about your photos is the lighting and how the colors pop. is that an editing thing or a manipulation of the camera?? probably we should just hang out in person and we can talk about it then. ;)