happy monday friends!  i’m going to kick off this series by answering Kate’s “what to wear” questions. Kate wrote:

Q: Since you’re offering, can you recommend a dress for a casual beach wedding and a dress/outfit for a sunset cruise the night before? The wedding is in Hilton Head, SC in two weeks, so I need to get shopping soon. Also, while I like maxi dresses on others, it’s not the best look for a 5’2″ gal like me.

I   II   III   IV

A: oh my, i’m a little jelly of your sunset cruise and casual beach wedding plans!  sounds fun!  my thoughts on wedding wear is this: i don’t care how casual the location, the couple or the plans- it’s a wedding!  and i see that as a fantastic excuse to get dressed in something pretty and feel great!  here are some options below with different price points but all from shopbop, my online shopping heaven (free shipping and free returns, and it generally arrives in 3 days!) 

i have the yellow dress and i have to tell you i’m in love with it!  i wore it to a bruch event yesterday and got so many compliments on it.  and, i know you’re petite but that slit up the leg is so flattering that i think it’d be fantastic on a woman of any height!  all of these dresses can be dressed up or down, so they’re versatile and you’ll get more than this one wear out of them. now, as for shoes and accessories, i think your best bet at the beach is a wedge sandals. here are some options : I   II  III  IV. and as far as baubles/accessories are concerned, i think dresses II & III need a big statement necklace or an amazing belt but the other two can get away with something more simple. (hopefully this is an area you can pull from your closet!) add a few gold bangles and a chunky watch if you have one to finish your look, and you my dear, are all set to celebrate! have some champagne for me!

now, as for your sunset cruise(!!!), i have a tendency to want to get all nautical on my bi-annual boat excursions and wear a striped dress, boat shoes and red lips.  not really appropriate for a pre-wedding sunset cruise, so instead i think i might veer to the glamorous side with this dress, save my pennies but still feel well styled in this dress, or be understated but sexy in this dress.  kate, i hope that helps! have fun and send pictures if you get a chance! 

now, on to the next question…. what’ve you got for me? work, love, food, sex, style, home decor? what shall we talk about next?!

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  1. Alice|

    That first dress is to die for! This is also a style related but less glamorous question–what does your typical/favorite outfit look like when you shoot weddings? Thanks, Sarah!!

  2. sarah yates|

    thanks all!

    @alice that is something i always have such a hard time with! finding the right mix of professional and stylish/practical and comfortable/etc. and then when i find something i wear it to almost every wedding. last season i wore a DVF wrap dress.( similar to this one: ) it was pretty great and checked all the boxes.

  3. Rae|

    Here is a question for you to consider.
    So I keep coming back to the post you did where you organized your closet… I just stare at it thinking to myself how do I get from here to there. Here is my dilemma.. I need to update my wardrobe. I feel stuck somewhere between 1999 and 30. I would love some advice on how to start revamping… where do you begin… I obviously can't just toss it all and start over. The worst part is that I have a whole entire closet of clothes that I don't love. I wish all the time I could just bring someone in to take over. Maybe you can take us on a tour inside your closet (how many jeans in what style, jackets, dresses, t-shirts, sweaters etc.), or maybe what you consider staples and couldn't live withouts. I'm at a loss at this point. Countless internet searches have come up short so any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  4. sarah yates|

    @ rae that is a brilliant question, thank you! i think so many people struggle with the same thing… will be working on this one for you! stay tuned…..

  5. Rae|

    Yay! I'll stay tuned for sure. Thanks! Love the blog, by the way. Always keeps me coming back for more! :)