the perfect daytime date dress

ok, so my shopping freeze is over (I lasted a full 3 months!). and then i dove back into shopbop with a vengeance and picked up this dress, the sandals and the watch (each under $100).  BAM!  and then i made lou take me out for some gazpacho at a local cafe i love.  BOOM!  moral of the story: neon accessories are an amazing way to play with the trend whilst spicing up some simple stripes. and gazpacho is really freaking tasty. {recipe post coming soon}  also, if you wear something on a date that hugs your curves you are going to make the man sitting across from you very, very happy but your stomach muscles may or may not get sore from sucking it in. and you probably won’t be up for dessert. you have been warned. 

dress: free people, shoes: dolce vita, watch: la mer, bag: chloe (similar), necklace: gorjana (old), earrings: tory burch (old), 

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  1. sarah yates|

    thanks gals! ales, the nail polish is orly's "passion fruit". i wore it on my wedding day (on my toes). i love it!

  2. Maggie|

    Sarah I LOVE your hair like that! If you ask me, stripes are always a win.
    I'm usually on a shopping freeze but while in SF I rewarded myself with the black studded La Mer wrap watch— it's finally replacing my Nixon wrap watch that was lost in luggage indefinitely – 5 years ago!

  3. Ruthie Ruth|

    You look awesome! I like everything about your look, seriously, the hair, the dress and neon accents are stunning and that nail polish is to die for, thanks for sharing. I'm also curious about your gazpacho. I love gazpacho but when I lived in the US (East Coast) all I could get was this spicy tomato soup that had nothing to do with the real Spanish gazpacho, so I was always so disappointed…