sisters from another mister

lately i’ve been finding these two all sorts of cozied up together. it makes me so happy when i realize that they’ve become friends (it was not always a love affair, i definitely broke up a few scraps when the nugget first joined our family). i’m not sure there’s much cuter in the world than animals cuddling. if there is, someone introduce me, pronto!

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  1. debbie|

    aw what cuties! I sometimes wonder whether my two dogs would get along if I brought them together (one lives with my parent, the other with my boyfriend).

    p.s. thanks so so much for your advice re: Crohn's! I'm going to try to read the books you suggested and follow a macrobiotic diet…cross your fingers for me!

  2. Samantha Klein|

    Oh Sarah they are just too much! I love your doggies!
    Hey tried your lentil coconut soup last night and must say it's divine! Having it for lunch leftovers again today!