floating white shelves

last week lou installed some new floating shelves in my office (I helped too, and for once we didn’t want to kill eachother halfway through!). i finally have the perfect place to show off this amazing painting of the bean that our friend matt stallings painted. isn’t it great how he captured her sass?! i smile every time i look at it. check out matt’s work here, i just want to live in his imagination. *shelves from here, and they were easy to install {says the girl whose biggest responsibility was passing along the tape measure}

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  1. sarah yates|

    @ kristin YES, i'm sure a crazy lady with a zillion photos of her dog on a blog and a giant neon painting with said dog hanging in her home will do the trick. hahaha! keep me posted!
    @jessica yes, i selfishly kept it. and i'm so glad i did. i love it!

  2. mes bijoux|

    Oh! I LOVE these shelves with all that stuff on them. And I'm in love with the blu vase and, of course, with the Ruca portrait.
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. maggie|

    1. I love it! A lot of animal portraits are all soft lines and whimsy. His hard lines and bold colors certainly make for a modern, unique, cool style. I bet my Diego (cat) would look amazing by him! 2.I totally get what you mean about the shelves & arguing. I am the WORST when it comes time to hang my framed photos (at a show or at home!) My husband get's them all straight and up…I wince at making them evenly spaced and hand him the hammer ;) 3. LOVE that you have shoes in your office! oxox

  4. sarah yates|

    thank guys! and maggie, i totally agree: hanging anything with a husband is grounds for a fight….and it's not just us, i've heard this from others! :)