the simple life

sometimes i wonder whether this city family could move to a farm and be happy. what if we traded in our money/traffic/stress/smog problems for chicken/garden/soil/weather ones? i know one four-legged family member who would be thirlled! but the rest of us, could we do it and would we be happier? you’ll catch me daydreaming about it sometimes, to be sure…

*all photos taken on my film camera at mcgrath family farm while tagging along on a shoot with lou. more on that soon!  

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  1. Ria|

    Oh I don't blame you! Except I wonder all the time if I could trade my suburban life for a fast paced city life!

  2. Supreme Courtney|

    I already had a massive crush on your blog and then I read this post! I grew up with the Mc Grath's and spent some childhood on that awesome ranch! Such a creative and beautiful post!

  3. kiko|

    W and I've been wondering/daydreaming about the same subject last couple of years. We can compare the notes!