holiday party finale!

i did it! i hosted my first adult party (non-roommate-hosted). which might not seem like a big deal to you, but to this obsessive compulsive over the top control freak, it was HUGE. and so fantastic! the most important thing i learned about hosting: ask for help, or accept when it’s offered! my friends saved my party-life.

heirloom la gifted their lasagna cupcakes (omg, SO delicious!!!), margaux came over early to help cook and brought the tastiest home-made peanut butter cups, annie made these yummy almond joys, and paige & kelly brought over dishes, cookies, and a golden unicorn to mix in with my crafty tree forest.

without all of their help i would have been too stressed out all day to enjoy a second of it! i wish i had taken more photos, but i was having too much fun drinking wine and chatting with all my girlfriends. oh well, next time!  here’s to the holidays! i hope you all are having so much fun!

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  1. elizabeth antonia|

    such an awesome party sarah!! every detail was amazing but beside the food i loved the name tags on the drink. it was so nice to be able to come back to my glass and know that i wasn't drinking after someone (or wasting another glass!) you are super genius!

  2. sarah yates|

    thanks so much all of you! and elizabeth, drink tags are a MUST at parties, saves so much on the cleanup end of things! big hugs to shoko and elizabeth for being such great guests! xo

  3. audrey|

    Such a fun party Sarah!
    Thanks so much for being an incredible hostess. Everything was so lovely. I'm still thinking about how charming your decorative tree forest was on top of your bookcase. xo