holiday party outfit: faux fur and shimmer!

i think that in my past life i was a 70’s disco glamazon. which is confusing since i can’t dance to save my life. BUT, i’m completely comfortable in things that sparkle, pants that flare and faux fur anything. this cropped jacket is fast becoming a fave, and i can mix it up from 70’s disco glamazon to 80’s edgy rocker without batting an eyelash. the dress isn’t online, so head to your local uo to try it on if you like! (and i don’t know what i photographs all iridescent like that, it’s very much just gold and mauve in real life). dress: ecote via urban outfitters (store only), jacket: inc via macy’s, belt: vintage, bag: heather heron, shoes: cooperative via urban outfitters, ring: dara ettinger, bracelets: jcrew, stella and dot, ettika. photos by my¬†lou

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