lou says i look “urban”

these are my all-time favorite boots, if you can’t tell by looking at them and how worn they are. and these new pants from club monaco are going to see some mileage this winter, you can bet your hot ass on that. lou says i look urban, but i promise you, i’m not. i’m more comfortable on a horse than i am on any form of public transport. not that i ride horses. but given the choice, i pick animal over subway. boots: frye (many years old), pants: club monaco, jacket: ever (2009), bag: foley and corinna, hat: club monaco, watch: nixon via shopbop, bracelett: gorjana photos by lou

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  1. mercergirl|

    My Dear Sarah…. how I love thee…. but of course those boots are Frye. Who else makes such stunning and sexy boots for girls our height. You're gorgeous. Miss you.