my soon-to-be wedding ring!

i have been on the hunt for a wedding band for months (and months and months). i had given up hope, told lou that i didn’t need a fancy band and bought a $15 ring to use in our ceremony. i told him my engagement ring is THE ring. i didnt think i could commit to another ring for a lifetime. but i was so, so wrong. as soon as i spotted this one on pinterest i knew- it’s my wedding band! it’s so many thing i love – turquoise, sparkly, triangles, stackable! the perfect marriage of boho and glam. so excited i can’t stand myself! now all we need is a wedding date… 

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  1. Krysta|

    Love it! I am a huge fan of unique, very personal engagement rings and wedding bands! This is inspiring me to think a little more about what wedding band I'd like to have.

  2. Ciara|

    That's so beautiful! I love their line of jewelry. I wish I owned all their rings! (I can dream… haha)

    btw, I love your blog. :)

  3. sarah yates|

    thanks ladies! so happy you like it too. oh my gosh it's been a long hunt! :) good luck in your search krysta!

  4. Jen|

    just saw this linked from east side bride, AMAZING. so unique for a wedding band, are you planning to wear this on its own or does it actually match your engagement ring? or are you doing the wedding band on one hand and the engagement ring on another?
    sorry for all the questions, just that I have quite a statement engagement ring and don't know if I should get an understated plain band so it doesn't compete, or wear them on different hands…

    congrats anyway!

  5. sarah yates|

    Hi Jen! I have a vintage diamond engagement ring. It's quite blingy. I'll wear them on separate hands (there's no ring that I could wear with my engagement ring, the shape doesn't allow for it) I come from the school of thought that you can never be too sparkly! I also begged lou for the matching band as a wedding present. :)

  6. Jennwhisper|

    I LOVE that ring!!! Very excited for you!! Just FYI I got the mociun single moon and stars band and found out turquoise is a very soft stone and it's best not to wear it when swimming or bathing- so I take it off all the time. Something you might want to know!!

  7. sarah yates|

    thanks jen! that will be hard for me to remember, but will do my best! (and congrats on your sweet ring too!) :)