what we ate : avocado sushi

this is one of my favorite lunches for two reasons:  fast & tasty! as a bonus it’s stupidly good for you. WIN! how-to below:

the what:


brown rice (leftover or room temperature)

nori sheets 

sushi rolling mat

veggies (i prefer avocado but sometimes use carrots, cucumber & hearts of palm)

soy sauce

pickled ginger


the how:


- cover your sushi rolling mat in plastic wrap

- lay nori sheet on mat with the rough side facing up

-spread brown rice evenly over the nori leaving a little space at one end to seal the roll *wet hands will help this process along!

-lay ingredients 1″ from top of mat and begin to roll the matt/rice over your ingredients creating a little mound (this part seems daunting the first go round but i promise it gets easier the more you do it) continue rolling until you get to the end of the nori

-slice with a sharp knife (wet it to make sure it slides through the nori easily)

-serve with wasabi, ginger and soy sauce.  feel fancy & impressed with yourself.

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