oscar and ruca

OK, we are total birds-of-a-feather slackers lately, we know.  And we’re sorry.  Someone invent a teletransport machine for us and we’ll have so much more time for blogging, I promise.  In the meantime, enjoy this lovely family photo taken this morning.  Bean really enjoys her personal space. Oscar really enjoys cuddling.  It’s pretty awesome. 

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  1. Melissa|

    I love your blog…no matter how sporadic :) I had to laugh, as a very recent rescue-dog adopter, how Oscar stayed so calm and easy right up to the moment you got him home. My fiance had a long laugh on how absolutely similar our experience was. I agree, they KNOW how to behave up until the minute the papers are signed, then it’s no-holds-barred. How did you introduce the two of them? We’ve been having lots of different experiences with other dogs, none of which have resulted in so much cuddling :(

  2. Anthea|

    Our working dog ( Australian working Kelpie) like her space too, cant tell you how many photos w have with the puppy trying to cuddle and Tally just tolerating it! love your site

  3. Michel|

    haha! this is a great shot, I love how Oscar even has his paw on R.B. as if sitting right on top of her wasn’t enough! Priceless.
    Transporters for EVERYONE!

  4. sarah yates|

    Thanks everyone! IT’s pretty much non-stop cuteness around here with the two of them. Melissa, we introduced them outside of the house (so that Ruca wouldn’t get protective) and then brought them in when she had calmed down. As soon as Bean realized that he would play with her it was on. Oscar was pretty well socialized from living on the streets. But we’ll see how everything goes when we head to the dog park in 6 (very long) weeks when Oscar has had all of his shots. Fingers crossed he’s a good player there too.

  5. kelly rg|

    *so* cute! and look at oscar’s paws! he is going to be a big bundle of love someday!

    i had a post-a-picture-a-day blog and it was hard to keep up with it, so i totally understand. my goal was to post one pic/day for 2009. now i just post at will, usually 2-3 times/week, and it takes the stress out and makes the project more enjoyable.

    anyway, love your guy’s blog and was so happy to have stumbled on it (through notcot!). :)