Here’s the man you’ve been waiting to see.  Oscar Mora-Yates: Mexican street dog turned Los Angeles rockstar. Notice how his name doesn’t have the same ring to it as Ruca Bean Yates-Mora does.  He needs a middle name, and we need your help choosing one.  A little bit about Oscar: he likes to jump, groan, sleep, mount RBYM, wrestle, stumble over his ginormous paws, and eat kibbles.  He’s a sweet guy who enjoys the simple things in life, and he needs a name that reflects this.  Help us help Oscar.  

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  1. Joycie!|

    He certainly is handsome. How about Oscar Wilde Yates-Mora? I think he’s very dignified, so a British middle name would suit him! XO

  2. Tyler R|

    Oscar de la Yates-Mora maintains that Mexican heritage. Oscar Rice Yates-Mora compliments Ruca Bean pretty nicely.

  3. Blake|

    most amazing story! that’s the hardest part about traveling sometimes to foreign countries is all the street dogs and how poorly they are treated. quite a contrast to how the US views dogs as cherished pets/members of the family. kudos on the new addition to the family. i’m sure ruca is quite pleased to have new partner in crime

  4. jane button|

    Oscar de la Mora-Yates (play on Oscar de Lahoya)? He is a sweet boy – congrats on your new addition!

  5. Priscilla|

    I’m getting married in Sayulita in less than 7 weeks and I truly admire you for adopting this little guy! I might just bring one home with me too!!

  6. sarah yates|

    loving these name suggestions! thank you everyone.
    and priscilla, have a fabulous wedding in sayulita! i’m jealous, i wish we could go back for another wedding, it was the most fun ever!

  7. kelly rg|

    oscar mateo mora-yates?
    he is so cute! any idea how old? thanks for sharing! :)

  8. sarah yates|

    Oooh, I like those too. I’ve been calling him Oscar Mania. Lou hates it.
    The vet said he thinks he’s somewhere between 6-9 months. We’ll see what he says in 6 months. :)