our new toy

Arguably the most awesome camera in the world. Wait till you see what we do with this!  Get excited. 

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  1. burd|

    looks bitchin. I just had to know more so I googled it.

    The Polaroid 600 and Polaroid 600 SE are the "flagship" professional cameras of Polaroid’s range, based on the Mamiya Press and using Mamiya lenses that produce very crisp images. The difference between the 600 and the 600 SE is that the 600 has a fixed 127mm Mamiya lens, while the 600 SE has interchangeable lenses. It is fully manual, very solidly constructed and rather large, so a sturdy tripod certainly comes in handy. It can take beautiful pictures. The 600 SE comes with a 127mm lens as standard but takes 2 other optional lenses, a "portrait" (150mm) and a "wide-angle" (75mm) lens. It caters for removable/exchangeable film backs and with a Mamiya adapter, 120 film backs can also be used.