if you’re not eating mexican food in san diego than you’re missing out, big time

There’s something so freaking amazing about a carnitas burrito.  The sketchier the taco stand, the better the burrito.   A few things to keep your eye out for when looking for The Best burrito: 1. walk up window only 2. metal bars over all windows 3. no credit cards accepted  

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  1. Junia|

    OMG THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! Seriously. Andres and I are always telling people those rules up here in San Francisco, but they’re are always too scurd to try them. This posting reminds me of yet another reason why Mexican food is only the best in Southern Cali. And another thing it seems you can only get in San Diego…Taquitos! Nobody has those yummy little things up here! Thanks for the mouth watering post! :D

  2. Jayren|

    i lived in san diego and we just so happened to find little mexican place in SDSU with tons of cars in the drive through and really cheap food, with the same description as your tips above. when we got our food it was AMAZING. but i think i know their secret…’no gloves’

  3. PS Scooter Guy|

    where or where did you buy this? It still looks yummy even though it was made Nov 28…

  4. Jana Morgan|

    Next time you are in San Diego, you should come try Don Carlos! Tons of vegan friendly options at this hole in the wall place, but lacking a few of your requirements (it's not a walk-up window and it does take credit cards).