crack tennies or art installation?

Sneakers on a telephone wire.  Sarah is adamant that this means someone is selling cocaine nearby. Lou is not convinced.  Internet, please advise.

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  1. Junia|

    I know it as meaning that someone got jumped HELLA bad there and the bullies took the shoes off the person and threw them up there. That’s the word around the street from where I come from. Werd.

  2. Andres M|

    from the looks of those tennis, it looks like all it means is a little chubby kid is getting picked by bullies. DOPE SHOT!

  3. Putnam|

    It means there is a gang of tennis players who wanna b gangsters. If you haven’t seen the music video about yuppy gangsters, a definate must see. Not sure what’s it’s called but it’s very funny. Yuppy gangsters will probably find it. All about preppies and their Martha Vineyard lifestyle sung as a rap song.

  4. Stavros|

    As usual, Sarah has a completely wacky theory, based on nothing in reality. Half of the sneakers that used to be thrown up would be in inner cities where a person died and their shoes were thrown up to symbolize that they are in a higher place & would never walk the Earth again, the other half are kids who graduated, or finished something, and hung them to symbolize moving on…the restof the world does it because they don’t know why other people do, and so they just do it to do it. It makes for a too-often replicated painting or photograph…but this one (That Lou must have taken?) is better composed then any I’ve ever seen =)

  5. Melissa|

    Hi guys! Love the blog. To my knowledge in certain areas the sneakers were used to demarcate a drug dealers corner (no particular drug) so that others would know not to sell there or they would face the consequences.

  6. Bruce|

    Years ago it meant that someone had graduated from college. Then it meant someone had graduated from high school. Sad to see the downward spiral of meaning.