Friday Links


Happy Friday my friends!  Is that not the prettiest bowl of food you’ve seen all week?!  Laura has a way with messy bowls of healthy goodness that just speaks to me.   We’ve been home from Bali for two days now.  I’m a jetlag monster with a hankering for everything sugary right now.  And I’m ready to dive head first into the holidays!!!  Wishing you all a magical weekend with the perfect amount of rest, yummy food, love and belly laughs.  Links for your weekend after the jump!  xx- Sarah {image via}

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Hot Buttered Rum {Vegan}


We’ve got a traditional hot buttered rum for your cocktailing pleasure today!  Because it’s so festive to make classic cocktails to drink while you wrap presents, or watch The Family Stone for the 1 trillionth time.  You all watch that every year too, right?  It’s my favorite Christmas movie!  Tied with Elf, obviously.  So, we’re in the countdown.  6 days left.  As usual I am BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS.  Like a 6 year old hopped up on too many candy canes and cocoa.  But waht is life for if not to celebrate?!  So in conclusion:  hot buttered rum, The Family Stone, Elf.  You have your assignments.  Now go!  xx- Sarah  {This post was produced in collaboration with Sarah Dickenson}


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Style Round Up


If I had to build an entire closet out of neutrals I could do it.  And I could love it.  I  might miss my floral blouses and a few other colorful pieces but not as much as I’d love the ease of dressing every day.  And the versatility- so many possibilities for mixing and matching.  And the money I’d save!  Ok, now I’m starting to talk myself into this.  Could you live with a closet full of neutrals or are you too much of a color lovah?  xx- Sarah { via 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 }

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Potato, Leek and Mushroom Cakelets


Hello my friends!  Today I have these delectable little potato, leek and mushroom cakelets for you!  I have a deep love for the earthy pairing of potatoes and mushrooms.  And these cakelets- they’re crispy, savory, super easy to make, and totally satisfying.  We enjoyed ours with a giant salad and white wine.  I highly recommend!  Also, if you have leftovers- they’re amazing with an egg on top as a breakfast treat!!!  Enjoy!  xx- Sarah

potato_mushroom_leek_cakes_a_house_in_the_hills-9 potato_mushroom_leek_cakes_a_house_in_the_hills-5 potato_mushroom_leek_cakes_a_house_in_the_hills-4

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Inspiring Spaces


Here I go again with another Australian home that is BLOWING MY MIND!  But really, it’s amazing right?  This Sydney apartment was renovated by C+ M Studio and put up for sale fully furnished.  That’s a dream!  Oh Australia, you’re always winning and I love it!  Make sure to click through to see more of this stunning home, you don’t want to miss it!   xx- Sarah  { images via }

Est-Magazine-CM-Studio-Feature Est-Magazine-CM-Studio-03

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Friday Links


IT’S COOKIE SEASON!!!!  I don’t mean to shout, but IT’S MOTHER EFF’ING COOKIE SEASON, so really you can’t blame me, right?  These vegan beauties are a divine creation of Ashlae’s (the baking gods really did bless her with a more talent in her pinky finger…)  Anyway, this time of year I normally bake up a storm.  But I’m in Bali floating up a storm in an infinity pool so I’m missing out (I know, that garners negative 50 sympathy).  But, I need you to bake on my behalf.  And then freeze and ship cookies to me so they’ll be there on my arrival home?  *insert toothy emoji smile*  Ok, I realize that’s probably not going to happen and I still love you all.  I’ll have approximately 16 days upon my return to make up for the 16 days of December I’ll be out of the kitchen.  I can do a lot of damage in that amount of time, don’t you worry!  And now, delicious links for your weekend!  xx- Sarah  { image via }

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