New Old Fashioned


These photos kind of speak for themselves, right?  Don’t you wish you were sipping on one of these right now? YOU COULD BE!  Well, not if you’re driving or operating another large mechanical device.  But I can’t think of any other reason to hold back.  Blueberries!  Bourbon!  Mint!  Get at it!!!!  xx- Sarah  {This post was produced in collaboration with Sarah Dickenson}


new_old_fashioned_A_House_in_the_Hills-2 new_old_fashioned_A_House_in_the_Hills-1new_old_fashioned_A_House_in_the_Hills-5


New Old Fashioned

Yield: 2 cocktails

New Old Fashioned


  • 2 ounces simple syrup
  • 5 dashes bitters
  • 3 ounces bourbon
  • 12-15 blueberries
  • 4-6 mint leaves


  • In a cocktail shaker muddle simple syrup, blueberries and mint leaves.
  • Add ice, bitters and bourbon to cocktail shaker and shake for 15-20 seconds.
  • Fill two rocks glasses with ice.
  • Strain shaker over ice.

Get Fit September and Friday Links


Happy Friday!  We’re nearing the end of #EatCleanAugust and I am seriously ready for a big bowl of noodles and a nibble of chocolate.  Once that’s out of the way I’m happy to keep eating how I’ve been eating though, which is the brilliant thing that happens when you start eating really clean- you don’t want to stop!  And I’m going to take #EatCleanAugust and up it one with #GetFitSeptember!  I’m promising myself (and you) that I’ll take control of one other area of my health with a commitment to at least 30 minutes of exercise every single day for all of September.  No excuses.  I want to feel even better than I do with all this clean eating and I know that dedicating some time every day to moving is the next step.  HERE WE GO!  I mean, so far it’s just me but I’m hoping maybe you’ll join me?!   C’mon, please?!  xx- Sarah {links for your weekend after the jump}

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Where Fall Meets Summer


At the end of every August I start fantasizing about eating hearty winter stews and layering scarves over winter coats.  It’s the East Coast in me, I can’t quit it.  But in the desert, it’s HOT in September for the most part.  So I’m going to plan some trips to cooler places and I’m also going to wear these black shorts like crazy.  Because they’re my version of Fall and a damn cute consolation prize at that.  I’m also going to shop for cool weather clothes for all of you who live in places with true seasons (lucky ducks!)!  I hope you’re ok with that!  xx- Sarah

shorts: One Teaspoon (here and here), shirt: Asos, shoes:  BC Footwear, bag: Chloe, hat: Rag & Bone, belt: b-low the belt, watch: Marc Jacobs, bracelet: Kristen Elspeth, rings: Elizabeth and James and Gabriella Artigas

one_teaspoon_bandit_shorts_black_A_House_in_the_Hills-2one_teaspoon_bandit_shorts_black_A_House_in_the_Hills-3b one_teaspoon_bandit_shorts_black_A_House_in_the_Hills-10 one_teaspoon_bandit_shorts_black_A_House_in_the_Hills-11

Shine On!


I’ve been shopping for lamps lately so I thought I’d share some of the favorites I found!  White, gold and black can do no wrong in my book!  Aren’t they all so good?  And I’ve included a few more that I love below, just in case you’re in the market too (and some are on sale!).  Happy decorating!  xx- Sarah  sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


Israeli Couscous Summer Salad


Do you love Israeli couscous as much as I do?!  I can’t be stopped.  It’s not technically part of #EatCleanAugust since it’s processed (and for those of you who are avoiding gluten it’s a no-go!), but the month is almost over and we’ll need some healthy recipes to ease us into incorporating some lightly processed foods into our diets.  And I couldn’t imagine a better one to start with.  Light, Summer-y, full of flavor and texture- this salad is a dream, I promise you’ll love it!  xx- Sarah

isreali_cous_cous_salad_A_House_in_the_Hills-1 isreali_cous_cous_salad_A_House_in_the_Hills-5 isreali_cous_cous_salad_A_House_in_the_Hills-4

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Remote Printing Our Vacation Snaps With Canon PIXMA!


As a child I was obsessed with photos, OBSESSED.  I would take pictures of our family pets, our home, flowers, my friends, our dinners and have them printed- in doubles!  My dresser drawers housed more photos than they did clothes, it got a little out of control. As an adult the obsession continues, but now that photos live on my phone and computer rather than in film and prints, I would appear to be a little less of a hoarder.  A few years ago though I realized that I missed the experience of  looking through stacks of photos, or flipping the pages of albums.  There’s nothing that brings a memory to life more to me than a photo and it’s amazing how much of our lives we forget.

I started a tradition of printing all of my favorite photos from the year and putting them in beautiful leather albums to give to Lou for Christmas.  I made it one year (and I love that one year’s album SO MUCH!).  Years two and three I had all of the photos printed, bought the albums but never managed to tape them into the books.  They’re still sitting in stacks tucked away in a drawer.  I KNOW!  Terrible.  That’s why I was so excited to learn about the Canon PIXMA MG7120 Wireless Inket All-in-One Printer and the PIXMA Printing Solutions App.  It’s changing my game with the technology they developed that allows you to print from anywhere!  Yep, that includes social platforms like Facebook/Twitter and storage platforms like Dropbox!  Lou and I were recently in LA for a couple of nights for a little work, a little play and as usual we took a million photos.  I chose my favorites and printed them from my phone, my laptop and Lou’s phone.  When we got home all of the photos were in my office in a neat little stack in the printer, waiting for me to tape them into our album.  GENIUS, right?!   Organizing and taping a few at a time into our album is totally manageable and at the end of the year all of our photos will be in order, all of our memories in tact and if I was a betting lady I’d say I’ll be VERY proud of myself.  This is life changing for a photo hoarder like myself who has a tiny problem with organization and sometimes lacks follow through, LIFE CHANGING!  xx- Sarah  {see more of our getaway snaps after the jump as well as a few of our must-visits in East LA!}

This post was sponsored by Canon PIXMA, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting!


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