Practical Dog Kennel Ideas for Your Home

Practical Dog Kennel Ideas for Your Home

There are a lot of households with dogs in America. In fact, around 65.1 million of them. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that our four-legged pals deserve nothing but the best. And when it comes to their crib, a dog kennel is where it’s at.

Contrary to popular belief, setting up a cozy retreat for your canine companion doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. We’ve compiled some practical dog kennel ideas that’ll have tails wagging without sending your bank account into a tailspin.

Top Things to Consider when Choosing a Dog Kennel

It’s essential to match your kennel to your dog’s breed. Plenty of breeds exist, so we’ll use a pitbull as an example. Pitbulls are fantastic companions, but when it comes to their digs, you must ensure you’re ticking all the right boxes.

These furry buddies aren’t exactly lap dogs. Pitbulls need room to strut their stuff, so make sure their kennel is roomy enough for them to do the doggy shuffle. Dog kennels for pitbulls should at least be as long as they are, with double the width for some wiggle room. A cramped kennel equals one unhappy pup.

Pitbulls also need locks that can’t be busted open with a sneeze and doors that won’t buckle under pressure. As they can be a bit messy, materials that can handle a scrub-down and flooring that’s chemical resistant and easy to wipe clean are a must.

Top Things to Consider when Choosing a Dog Kennel

Repurpose to Create a Farmhouse Kennel

With both your kennel and your home in general, you want everything to be dog-friendly. You can do this while being unique with a DIY farmhouse-inspired dog kennel. Got an old dresser gathering dust? Time to give it a new lease on life. Bid farewell to those drawers, and hello to a snug spot for your pup. Remove the drawers, add some plush cushions or blankets, and voila—your dog’s got a stylish den that’s as comfy as it is classy.

For those who prefer a more rustic vibe, a wooden frame kennel with chicken wire is the way to go. It’s a breeze to build and can be tailored to fit your pup’s size. Just make sure to use sturdy chicken wire to keep your furry buddy safe and sound.

An Outdoor Dog Kennel Made from PVC Pipe

Looking for a budget-friendly way to give your outdoor pup a cozy retreat? PVC pipe to the rescue! You can whip up a custom kennel to make tails wag with just a few supplies and some elbow grease. Here’s how:

  1. Decide on the size of your kennel. Whether you’ve got a petite pooch or a hefty hound, choosing the right dimensions will dictate how much PVC pipe you’ll need.
  2. Cut the pipe into pieces using a trusty saw or pipe cutter according to your chosen kennel size. Then, bust out those fittings and start assembling the frame. Make sure everything fits snugly and sits level.
  3. With the frame in place, it’s time to build walls for your kennel. Grab some chicken wire or another fencing material and attach it securely to the frame. This will keep your furry friend safe and sound and give them a clear view of their surroundings.
  4. While optional, a roof can provide some much-needed shade on sunny days. You can get creative here—more chicken wire, a tarp, or even repurpose old sheets or blankets secured with rope or bungee cords.

An Outdoor Dog Kennel Made from Pvc Pipe

Create a DIY Fence-Style Dog Run

Kennels can also be a safe space where your dog can stretch their legs. A DIY fence-style dog run is a great option. Start by mapping out the perimeter of your dog run using inexpensive chain link fencing. Make sure it’s tall enough to keep your pup from pulling a Houdini act over the top:

  • Secure the fencing in place using sturdy posts and hardware
  • Install a tarp or canopy above the fence to provide some much-needed shade
  • No dog run is complete without some toys and enrichment items to keep your pup’s tail wagging. Throw in a chew toy or two, toss in some bones for good measure, and you can even add a small pool for those hot summer days.

Create a DIY Fence-Style Dog Run

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