3 Things to Consider When Choosing Wood Paneling for Your Living Room Walls

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Wood Paneling for Your Living Room Walls

The living room is a very important part of a house because it’s where you gather with your family and guests most of the time. Because of that, it’s important to make your living room as cozy as possible. One way to achieve that is to apply wood paneling for walls.

With those wooden wall panels in your living room, the atmosphere in the room will change drastically due to their magnificent appearance and smell. However, you can’t just choose them arbitrarily when you want to apply them in your living room because there are some things to consider as follows.

Style and aesthetics

The first thing you have to consider when choosing wooden wall panels for your living room is the style and aesthetics you want to achieve. In this case, you have to first look into the existing style and theme of your living room, as well as its furniture.

Then, you can start thinking about which wooden wall panels are suitable for the room. If the room already has a vintage style and you want to keep it that way, you can choose and install wood paneling with a bright color on its walls. Likewise, if your living room already has a rustic style, then installing dark wooden panels on its walls is a good idea.

Wood type and grain pattern

Another thing to consider when choosing wood paneling for the walls in your living room is the wood type and grain pattern. This aspect can affect several things, from the price to the atmosphere it can bring to your living room. Generally, there are several wood types for wood paneling available in the market, such as oak, walnut, pine, and cedar.

Each of those wood types has its own pros and cons as well as a unique grain pattern. While the wood type you choose determines the durability of the wood paneling, the grain pattern determines its appearance. So, you only need to choose the one that suits your budget and taste. This is also the perfect chance for you to show the guests you entertain in your living room about your taste in art and home decor.

Installation method and maintenance

The third thing to consider when choosing wood paneling for your living room is its installation method and maintenance. When it comes to the installation method of wooden wall panels, there are several options available. These generally include nailing the panels to the walls, gluing them, or using both methods.

Regarding the method of adhering wooden panels to walls using glue, there are two options: using a certain type of glue on the wooden panels or using wooden panels that come with adhesive like stickers. You simply need to choose the method that suits your preference.

Additionally, you also need to consider maintenance because some wooden panels need to be cleaned quite often while others don’t.

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