Are Window Awnings Worth the Investment?

Are Window Awnings Worth the Investment?

Have you been considering adding a shade structure to your home? Many people go with a tried-and-true retractable awning, but did you know there are many other options to choose from? One such option is individual window awnings.

While they may not be right for everyone, they are a wonderful upgrade that affords a vast variety of benefits. With so much added style and functionality, window awnings are always worth the investment. Continue reading to discover if they could be just the upgrade you have been looking for!

What Is a Window Awning?

A window awning is simply an awning that attaches directly to your windows or door frames. This allows it to extend across the entire width of the opening, providing protection from sun, rain, wind, snow, and more. They can also provide privacy by blocking out light and sound, as well as offering increased curb appeal.

There are several different types of window awnings available on the market today. They come available in a variety of different materials like vinyl, fabric, wood, aluminum, steel, or composite. All of them offer similar benefits, but each material has its own unique qualities and aesthetic appeal. However, traditional fabric still remains one of the most popular options.

Window awnings come equipped with a variety of features, as well as different color and fabric options to accommodate a wide range of preferences and needs. Some models are motorized while others require manual operation, allowing you to choose which method of operation would be better for you.

Many manufacturers offer a warranty so if there are any problems with your awning, you can contact them directly and they will usually repair/replace it free of charge.

Benefits Of Window Awnings

Window awnings offer numerous benefits. Here are some of the most common ones:

Privacy – When installed properly, window awnings block out all light and sound, giving you complete privacy when inside. Some people choose to install one for the purpose of enhanced nighttime security. Window awnings are especially beneficial for those who work the night shift and need to obtain restful sleep during the brightest and nosiest hours of the day.

Protection – Sunlight is harmful to your skin, eyes, and hair. It can cause premature aging, wrinkles, and even cancer. By installing a window awning, you will protect yourself from these hazards. Additionally consider that UV rays and heat damage don’t only impact your skin but your furniture, carpets, décor, and other belongings. When the interior of your home is exposed, day after day to the damaging impacts of sunlight, you will end up replacing items frequently. With window awnings you and your belongings stay safe and protected, which is both beneficial to your health and the lifespan of your home’s interior.

Increased Curb Appeal – Installing a window awning adds value to your home. If you live in a neighborhood where aesthetics matter, this is a great way to boost your property’s appearance. Since it increases the equity of your home as well, you will be able to get more out of your home should you decide to list it.

Longevity – Window awnings, not only help keep the sun out, but also help protect your windows and their frames from the constant assault of changing weather conditions. When windows are exposed to the elements, consistently they wear out more quickly. With the added protection of a window awning, your windows avoid the extreme heat and damaging UV rays of summer, while staying dry during rain, snow, and windstorms. Thus, helping them last considerably longer than windows without protection. This can save you big on window replacements over the years.

Keep It Clean — There is nothing more frustrating than spending your day cleaning windows just to have your hard work destroyed the next day by inclement weather. With window awnings, your windows will remain clean and clear much longer since they are protected from all that nature has to throw out them. Say goodbye to unsightly water spots, dirt, cobwebs, bird droppings, and dust build-up. Your windows will be the cleanest on the street, keeping your home looking great. Not to mention, you and yours will be sure to love a clearer view of the beautiful outdoors.

Improve Your Heath – Another added benefit of window awnings is better indoor air quality. This is because less allergens, pollens, and dust particles are able to squeeze in through microscopic openings around your windows keeping you and yours healthier.

Energy Efficiency – Heating and cooling costs continue rise, making energy saving features more important now than ever. Not only is this good for your wallet, but also for the environment. When you add window awnings, you help both your heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently. In the summer, the heat and sunlight are kept out, keeping your interior cooler and reducing the burden on your AC system. Conversely, in the wintertime, window awnings make all the difference in keeping the heat inside your home and minimizing heat loss from around your windows.

If you’re wondering just how effective window awnings really are, consider that statistically speaking, you can expect heat reduction of up to 65% for south facing windows and 77% for west facing windows. Thus, the impact on your heating and cooling bills will be significant, not just a drop in the bucket, making this benefit alone, worthy of considering window awnings for your home.

With so many great benefits, adding window awnings is a fan favorite. If you are still on the fence, consider contacting a professional awning installation company to have all your questions answered. The experts can help you determine what type of shade structure would be most beneficial to your lifestyle and budget.

Not to mention, the professionals have the right tools, knowledge, skills, training, and connections to ensure you get a quality product and installation the first time. While some people are tempted to try a DIY job, this can result in an improper installation, a failing product, or even an injury.

Simply put, saving a few dollars just isn’t worth the risk of your well-being, the hassle, and the possibility that your product could fail. Allow the professionals to make your dreams come true with the right shade structure!

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