What Types of Lighting Work Best in a Modern Kitchen Design

What Types of Lighting Work Best in a Modern Kitchen Design?

In contemporary kitchens, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. When it comes to your cooking space, make sure that it is comfortable to work in. Lighting plays a major role in improving the ambiance in a modern kitchen design and greatly enhances your comfort. Installing the correct lights can make your small space appear larger, and a large space seem more compact. Ideally, the main kitchen light must have a warm white tone. However, mixing and matching various types of lighting to create layers in your kitchen decor can work wonders.

From glamorous pendant lights to highly functional track lights, here is a carefully compiled list of 13 best lighting ideas for your modern kitchen design.

1. Opulent Chandelier

Opulent Chandelier

A chandelier in your kitchen can work wonders when it comes to adding to its luxury. You can hang it on top of a counter or in a corner to make your kitchen seem bigger and extra brighter at night. Such an accessory can transform your simple cooking space into a formal space.

2. Illuminated Cabinetry

Illuminated Cabinetry

Having the right set of cabinets in your kitchen can make your life easier and more convenient. Highlighting cabinets can make your space look visually appealing and even draw the attention of a person toward your smart storage. This will give some character to your space and make it look visually appealing.

3. Make a Statement with Pendant Lights

Make a Statement with Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a minimalist’s favorite accessory; they are easy to clean and can be installed conveniently. Since they do not occupy a lot of space, you can install these lights above your kitchen counter, above your island, or over your sink. They are highly functional accessories and have a very contemporary design.

4. Contemporary Lanterns

Contemporary Lanterns

To maintain the old-world charm of your kitchen, opt for conventional lantern lights turned into contemporary ones. If you do not have the patience to pour kerosene oil at regular intervals, you can even opt for electric lantern lights and install them on walls or hang them in your kitchen. For the lantern to look more contemporary, select one which has metallic accents and is supported by minimal accessories.

5. Exposed Industrial Lighting

Exposed Industrial Lighting

Exposed industrial lights have a very modern, industrial, and contemporary aesthetic appeal. They are minimal in design and are highly functional in nature. A modern kitchen with an exposed brick wall and black and white monochrome cabinetry will look visually appealing and support the appearance of these lights.

6. Recessed Spotlights

Recessed Spotlights

Recessed spotlights are one of the most convenient lighting options for a kitchen. Since they are installed above the ceiling line, it gives the illusion that the light is shining out from a hole. The downward direction of the light is similar to that of a broad spotlight; therefore, it has a major coverage area. These lights provide ample light to a space uniformly.

7. Beautiful Wall Sconces

Beautiful Wall Sconces

Wall sconces have a timeless appeal. The main advantage of installing wall sconces in a kitchen is that they have the unique ability to bounce lights off walls to create an inviting atmosphere and also offer focused lighting wherever needed.

These lights do not have a very harsh glare offered by typical overhead lights, which reduces the strain on the eyes.

8. Island-Focusing Lights

Island-Focusing Lights

Island-focused lighting is a modernists’ ideal lighting accessory because of their versatility. If you need more unidirectional lighting or focused lighting, select a pendant light to be installed above your island with a ceramic or a metal shade.

However, if you want the light to scatter and add to the brightness of a room, you can go for a fabric shade. This will add to the height and depth of a structure and improve its functionality.

9. Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-Cabinet Lighting

In a modern kitchen, an under-lighting cabinet is a must. These lights are easy to install, save space in a kitchen, and add to the value of the house as it is a modern accessory. LED lighting is the best option for such a space as it is energy efficient and has minimal heat output.

Make sure that you install a dimmer in the kitchen so that you can adjust the brightness of the light according to your needs.

10. Modern Kitchen Track Lights

Modern Kitchen Track Lights

The track lights are back in the game. For a skinny galley kitchen, installing track lights is a super smart idea. They provide ample brightness to a room, do not occupy a lot of space, and are easy to change and install.

You can concentrate the individual beams of lights wherever needed and are also energy efficient because you can install LED lights as track lights.

11. Accent Lights for Drama

Accent Lights for Drama

If you want your visitors to stand and stare at your beautiful kitchen, install accent lights. It creates a dramatic effect on your space, has an intensity that is thrice the amount of ambient light, and is highly functional.

You can simply choose which feature has to be highlighted and switch on the particular light for the best results.


A modern kitchen design is not all about installing the latest electronic gadgets. According to the layout of a kitchen, a modern kitchen design ensures optimal functionality and comfort.

Your lighting should be in accordance with the layout of the kitchen, i.e., whether you have an L-shaped kitchen, an island kitchen, a counter-less kitchen, and so on.

When it comes to lighting up a kitchen, a modern kitchen design will have energy-efficient lighting that is easy to install, clean, and change.

Share your ideas in the comments section below if you are remodeling your kitchen and have any creative ideas to add.

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