Kitchen Remodeling- Complete Guide For Homeowners

Kitchen Remodeling- Complete Guide For Homeowners

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there are so many items and steps that homeowners should be aware of; in this article, we will explain briefly what to look for and how to avoid some mistakes.


First and foremost, you must set a number that you are comfortable with financially; many homeowners still need to add misc charges in addition to the renovation budget, and most of the time, they need more than the number.

In addition to setting your budget, you also want to look at your current home value. The rule of thumb is that you want to spend at most 10-15 % of your home value on any home renovations.

Make sure you do the due diligence of carefully checking your home value and comparing it with homes in your neighborhood that have already been fully renovated.

Design & Planning

Every successful kitchen remodeling starts with good planning and design; now that you have set your budget aside, the next step is to start with the kitchen layout and design of your new kitchen; one of the most critical factors is to aim for functionality instead of just aesthetic, having a functioning kitchen will help you more with storage space and easy daily use, in terms of the ascetic look, its something that gotta be matched to your current home and feel, for that reason, we highly recommend using an interior designer to help you plan your new kitchen accordingly. Worth spending the money on that item to achieve the best results. FYI, Most kitchen remodeling companies use their designer as a design-build firm, which might help you save time and money.


Selecting the materials for your kitchen remodel project is exciting. There are many items to choose from, from flooring to appliances to cabinets and paint colors. There are so many brands when selecting materials. First and foremost, you want to choose the flooring color.

Most kitchens nowadays use wood flooring, but we have seen some that are using tile for more durable effects. Next is the cabinets. If budget is not an issue, we highly recommend using custom cabinets from local vendors in your city or state.

The countertop is one of the essential items in a kitchen remodel; choosing the right one that will also match your entire kitchen color combo, in regards to appliances, is all about the budget; if you do have the budget, we are aiming for higher-end choices such as wolf or sub-zero, these appliance brands will bless you for many, many years and the warranty on them is fantastic when choosing a paint color you want this to match to your entire house feels and look. Selecting suitable materials is based on your preferences and overall budget.


When hiring a kitchen remodeling Chicago company, it is important to do extensive research on whether the company is fully registered with the state in terms of good standing, annual reports, etc.

The second thing is that you want to make sure that the company is fully licensed and insured. You want to avoid hiring an unlicensed company, which will cause you significant liability loss in court.

Also, ensure that the company has a proven tracking record of reputation and jobs to view; hiring a reputable company is critical, and that will ensure transparency and satisfaction. We hope you enjoy reading the article and that it will help you with your remodeling and decision-making.

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