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What Materials Are Commonly Used for Butler’s Pantry Cabinets?

Give your home a royal vibe or add gorgeous elements to the space with butler’s pantry cabinets. Let us begin by telling you that these aesthetically pleasing pantries are not a modern concept. In fact, they have been around since the Middle Ages and Colonial America.

Now, if you are still in a dilemma on whether or not you should install these amazing rustic cabinets, there are a number of reasons why you should.

From making more space for your loved crockeries, utensils, and dining sets to keeping the area clutter-free, there is so much you can do. But if you are convinced that the butler cabinets are made to enhance the way your home looks and feels, you might want to consider the wide range of materials available that can help you get the cabinets of your dreams.

Top Materials for Your Butler’s Pantry Cabinets

1. Wood

This is the most-used item for building the shelves and the outer layer of these cabinets. The main reason why wood is the most popular material when it comes to building these pieces is because of its timeless effect, the longevity they provide, and the rustic charm, which brings in all the difference. Traditionally, too, most butler’s pantry cabinetswere made out of wood. Wood was considered a sign of a royal home. Anything other than wood was looked down upon as materials that were not acceptable by the higher class society. So, if you want to bring along the same effect, you might want to consider using wood.


2. Wood and Glass

This is another popular combination that is acceptable in many households. The main reason why people prefer using wood, despite it being expensive, is that they look at it as a one-time expense. Adding glass to cover the shelves gives a touch of modern-day sophistication. Besides the aesthetic value that this material brings, glass is also used to make sure that the fancy crockeries and the dining set continue to remain on display when guests visit. Today’s interior decoration is all about aesthetic value, and our experts believe that you should always proudly put your belongings on display.

Wood and Glass

3. Marble

While this might raise some eyebrows, our experts are of the opinion that when you install a butler’s pantry cabinetusing marble, you do not necessarily make it a separate entity of the house. In fact, these are the best solution when you also have walls made of marble. That way, these gorgeous cabinets integrate seamlessly with their surroundings. The use of marbles also makes the space appear much larger than they actually are. You can add some colors through the pots, pans, cutlery, dishware, etc. You can use glass or wood for the shelves and covers of the cabinets.


4. Add Some Wallpapers

More than being a material that is used to build the cabinets and the pantry as a whole, wallpapers are used to elevate the mood of the space. The best part of using wallpaper for this area is that it can be changed if you wish to do so. From dark and dramatic ones to subtle and sober pieces – there is a wide variety of wallpaper readily available in the market. Our experts suggest that wallpapers are also an amazing idea for families who have a wide variety of opinions and can’t pick one. Adding artistic wallpapers around the pantry area also adds freshness and a unique splash of artistry all around. You can choose one that perfectly complements your house and make this a unique space.

Add Some Wallpapers

5. Colored Plywood

There is a specific reason why our experts suggest using colorful plywood instead of plain ones. Before we get into further details, you must understand that sometimes colored plywood may not be readily available. In such cases, you can use a different layer of color as per your choice. Plywood is a relatively cheaper material, and its resemblance with wood is unparalleled. To get the rustic effect without making it too heavy or to ensure that it stays for longer periods, the use of plywood is a great choice.

Colored Plywood

6. Stainless Steel

In recent times, this material has been increasingly gaining popularity when it comes to cabinets. Most butler’s pantry cabinetsare used to store a lot of heavy items, and that is why it is important to use durable materials. If you want to renovate your kitchen and dining area with these gorgeous cabinets, you might want to use materials that you do not have to keep replacing now and then. Our experts suggest that although you might not find many options for stainless steel, it is worth using it. You can try attaching wallpapers or art to beautify these pieces further.

Stainless Steel


The butler’s pantry cabinetshave gained popularity in recent times. Most experts are of the opinion that this shift has happened because of the awareness of what is trending and what is not and the fact that modern homes lack the space needed.

If you are still unsure whether or not you should be installing these amazing, spacious cabinets, you should speak to an expert who can shed more light on the benefits of installing them.

In case you are unsure of the materials that look just right with the rest of the aesthetics of the home, you can still consider an expert.

If you have already planned on installing these cabinets, you can consider completely remodeling the kitchen area that bring out more space.

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