10 Tips on How to Design Your Butler's Pantry at Home

10 Tips on How to Design Your Butler’s Pantry at Home

Butler’s pantry is a small area that connects the kitchen and dining room. The primary purposes of a butler’s pantry are as a service and storage room. The butler’s pantry is where food and drink preparation tends to take place. Moreover, it is the ideal place to set up near the guest gatherings areas of your home, including the kitchen. It is meant to keep the kitchen spotless by carrying out any preparation or other messy activity in the butler’s pantry.

A butler’s pantry used to be a secure place to store fine china and other valuables. In addition to the uses already mentioned, a pantry can now be used as a coffee bar or to store appliances like toasters and microwaves to free up space.

In recent years, interest in the butler’s pantry has grown. Today’s butler’s pantries are as much about beauty as they are about function, in contrast to past eras when they were completely functional and kept hidden.

Here are some ideas that you can use to build a butler’s pantry in your home.

What Exactly is a Butler’s Pantry?

Butler's Pantry

A large house’s butler’s pantry is a place where the family’s silver, many sets of china, and bulky serving utensils like platters, tureens, and coffee urns are kept.
A butler’s pantry typically has a countertop and cabinets for keeping serving pieces, tableware, wine glasses, tablecloths, candles, and other items for the dining room. Here, luxuries could include a sink, dishwasher, or mini-fridge.

Today, however, butler’s pantries almost always have one location: an area between the kitchen and the dining room.

What Belongs in a Butler’s Pantry?

Butler's Pantry

You might be wondering what you could use one of these areas for right now. For example, a butler’s pantry might be helpful even if you don’t have lavish family antiques like china plates and cutlery. Instead, they are still used today to hold items like tablecloths, candles, and wine.

A butler’s pantry may store just about anything. Still, it’s typically used as a practical storage option, keeping all of your extra kitchen and dining essentials in one easily accessible location. If you frequently entertain or have a lot of countertop devices, fine china, or baking and culinary supplies that you don’t need in your kitchen, this looks more minimal and is also quite helpful.

What Sets a Butler’s Pantry Apart From a Regular Pantry?

While the butler’s pantry serves similar purposes to a typical pantry, it serves more as a workspace than a simple storage area. However, butler pantries now serve as an aesthetically pleasing solution to everything from serving cocktails to storing and using excess food from the kitchen. You’ll frequently see butler pantries tucked between the kitchen and the dining room in older heritage homes (when having staff in the kitchen for dinner parties was more common).

Why Would a Butler’s Pantry Be a Great Choice For You?

black pantry

Nowadays, even a little pantry is handy for homes. However, most people are forced to store items in cabinets or rooms like the basement if this area is unavailable.

This can be a chore; in contrast, having a traditional butler’s pantry located between the kitchen and dining area is very convenient. The butler’s pantry, therefore, is a useful divider between the dining room and the kitchen.

It provides hosts with just enough privacy to keep the mess of meal preparation out of sight without taking away from the kitchen’s openness, which is usually hidden by a door. Also, it provides households with valuable storage for items like dried goods, cookware, and serving ware that can’t fit in the existing kitchen cabinets or open shelving.

Tips and Ideas for Designing a Butler’s Pantry

Now that you are clear on the reasons for a butler’s pantry. Let’s look at some practical ideas for designing one.

1. A Wall Niche Or a Small Closet

small closet

You’ll need to decide where it would make perfect sense to place a butler’s pantry if your house doesn’t already have one. Also, decide what cabinets will go there and how much storage space you need.

The butler’s pantry is a wonderful option for managing that unused space close to your kitchen if you have a tiny closet nearby that you don’t use. A large wall niche may also have enough room to be turned into a butler’s pantry.

2. Drawers and Cabinets

Drawers and Cabinets

A butler’s pantry was initially used for a lot of storage space. Make sure your pantry can fit all the unique goods you don’t frequently use, like candles, fine silverware, serving utensils, china, and linens. You can achieve this by adding multiple drawers and cabinets to your butler’s pantry. Drawers and cabinets can be used to neatly keep the things hidden that you don’t want your guests to see.

3. Match Your Kitchen’s Cabinetry

colour matching pantry

Making the perfect color selection for your drawers and cabinets is one of the essential aspects of designing a butler’s pantry. The majority of people decide to match the kitchen cabinets and countertops with the butler’s pantry. As a result, the pantry appears and feels more appealing. Be sure to choose a color that complements the rest of your kitchen wall.

4. Experiment With Different Colors.

Experiment With Different Colors

Experiment with various colors if you want to make something a little more enjoyable to match the fun style you’re going for. Experiment with new designs and colors that complement but differ slightly from your kitchen’s décor but do not overpower the color scheme or pattern you already have. Consider choosing hues that will make your butler’s pantry appear aesthetically pleasing and lovely.

5. Add Adjustable Shelving to Meet Your Specific Needs


As butler pantries are a great place to add extra storage for larger serving pieces, fine china and crystal, and even small appliances that aren’t kept on kitchen counters, try to add as many pull-out bins as you need. You can add many adjustable shelves while keeping the pantry organized. If you want to improve the amount of storage in your kitchen, adding these shelves and pull-out bins is ideal.

6. A Cocktail Bar

cocktail bar

Do you like to sip wine, champagne, and different kinds of cocktails? Wine might be the perfect way to welcome and amuse your guests. A butler’s pantry is the ideal location for constructing a more practical cocktail bar. Keep a wine cooler or rack, a couple of bottles of gin or vodka, cocktail mixers, and champagne glasses on the counter or tucked away on the shelves.

7. Adding a Coffee Station

coffee bar

Coffee enthusiasts can typically use the butler’s pantry as a solution when managing big coffee-making machines and accessories that their kitchen can accommodate. With the helpful coffee bar, serving coffee at the end of a dinner party is simple and doesn’t require several trips between the kitchen and living room.

8. Wallpaper With Patterns


When creating your butler’s pantry, think about utilizing colorful wallpaper or tiles. You might use patterned wallpaper to give the room a unique personality truly. If you are not ready to commit to permanent wallpaper and painted cabinetry, you can choose a stick-on type. By experimenting with textures and colors, you might discover what you enjoy.

9. Provide Enough Lighting

Provide Enough Lighting

If you use your butler’s pantry for meal preparation or storage, you must ensure enough light for kitchen tasks and locate stored items. This could mean installing several built-in kitchen lighting systems, placing your pantry close to a window, or enhancing the room’s lighting using mirrors.

10. A Sink

 butler's pantry is fitted sink

Dishwashing will be much more practical and organized if the butler’s pantry is fitted with anything like a small sink—or even a dishwasher. Moreover, it helps you to distract your guests’ eyes away from the mess of discarded plates and cutlery! The sink in an average butler’s pantry shouldn’t be any more significant than what you’d find in a standard powder room. It serves only as a periodic hand and utensil wash.

Other Details To Consider

Shelves And Counters

shelves And Counters

You should have enough counter and shelving space to keep the dishes before moving them to the dining room if you plan to use your butler’s pantry as a staging area for the meal. Using open or movable shelving will increase your space’s flexibility and help you make the most of it.

Pantry In The Corner

pantry in the corner

Installing a built-in butler’s kitchen pantry in a kitchen corner is one clever way to go about it. Here, glass cabinet doors and countertops that closely follow the angles of the corner can produce a unique appearance. Again, quartz is a terrific multipurpose material for doing this.

Power Outlets

power outlets

The butler’s pantry is an excellent place to store serving utensils in addition to rarely used small gadgets that would otherwise clog up your minimalist kitchen. The availability of these devices when you need them is maintained by having enough power outlets.

Hot And Cold Storage.

While you prepare the meal, a mini fridge, wine chiller, or even a small cooler will help keep plates chilled and fresh produce cold. Similarly to this, you can keep your food warm while completing other meal portions or eating courses using a hot plate, stovetop, or warming tray.

How Much Should a Butler’s Pantry Cost?

It makes sense that costs can differ significantly based on the extent of the makeover, the amenities you add, and the materials you choose. Remember that the butler’s pantry is meant to be a private area rather than a public one, whether you plan to outfit a small or large space for this function. Design to your heart’s content, of course, but owners watching their budget may be able to save money on construction by using more simple materials than you may typically use in a kitchen.

Having clear counter space and simple access to everything you intend to store is important, whether you’re creating a butler’s pantry from the start or renovating an existing one. On the other hand, if you’re only looking for a functional bar station, think about storing your wine glasses, whiskey glasses, and champagne flutes before completing the area with a range of alcoholic beverages and a wine rack.

Otherwise, having a nice shelving system that offers quick access and a beautiful finish for the area is the finest thing you can do to create a butler’s pantry on a budget.


If you have a lot of kitchen storage remains that you want to be able to access without having to dig through a typical storage closet or arranged pantry area, a butler pantry is definitely beneficial. In addition, a well-designed butler’s pantry will be useful if you frequently host dinner parties or serve multiple courses and want to streamline the flow of your evening.

Whatever techniques you adopt, keep in mind that a butler’s pantry doesn’t have to be traditional or uninteresting. Instead, it may be changed to suit your needs, design preferences, and lifestyle.

You don’t have to be overly complex when deciding how to set up or decorate a butler’s pantry. However, remember that these spaces are mostly meant to be functional; include beautiful aspects of the area with things like quartz countertops and lighting.

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