The Camaleonda Sofa by Mario Bellini

For a Touch of Class: The Camaleonda Sofa by Mario Bellini

The interiors of our home speak a lot about our personality. And every little detail can make our home a beautiful and comfortable place to live. Everything needs attention, from the color of the walls to the window panes to the texture of the decor.

Even furniture can make a big difference, and an aesthetic sofa amidst the living interiors can bring an adorable vibe. So, we may need a perfect sofa that can bring the vibe alive in our living space.

Finding an appropriate sofa that can solve the purpose of providing comfort and a great look may seem difficult, as there are numerous types of sofas that are available in the market. But, the Camaleonda sofa is gaining popularity amongst all the other sofas. This furniture item by Bellini resembles the famous IT Bag. Its interesting design makes it an ideal addition to our home.

The famous Camaleonda sofa that has a unique design and shape is perfect to add charm to our home interiors. This sofa was introduced by Mario Bellini 1970s, a renowned Italian architect known for its multiple innovative designs.

The Camaleonda sofa was first sold by B&B Italia. The sofa is re-released and gifted to modern architecture by the same company.

The original cost of Bellini’s couch makes it quite expensive, but its unbeatable design and cozy appearance make the sofa worth it. But, there are some furniture companies that sell the exact replica of the Bellini sofa at an affordable price.

Camaleonda sofa

Why Is The Camaleonda Sofa So Famous?

The camaleonda sofa gained popularity when Stella McCartney showcased a sunset pink camaleonda sofa at her flagship store in 2018.

The B&B Italia re-introduced the timeless beauty, and it has been the favorite piece in interiors ever since.

The sofa has bold and round edges that look funky and elegant, both at the same time. The sofa design is appreciated as a classic beauty by people all over the world.

The Design of The Camaleonda Sofa

The name Camaleonda is made of two Italian words – ‘Chameleon” and ‘wave.’ They may sound like a funny pair, but they define the elegance and unique style of the sofa perfectly.

The design of the sofa is constantly evolving to fit contemporary homes. Since the sofa has no specific set shape and comes in different pieces, you can arrange the sofa according to your need and fit it in either a small or a big space.

The sofa can be placed in your living space as an extended couch or can be donned as a stand-alone sofa chair after removing the seats. It also allows you to hook or unhook the seats, backrest, and armrest.

Where To Find An Original Camaleonda Sofa?

B&B Italia is reproducing the sofa with various variations. But the original sofa is preferred by people more because of its unique and bold design. And if you are looking to buy an authentic camaleonda sofa by Mario Bellini, then you can buy it directly from the B&B Italia company.

Camaleonda Sofa Replicas

The price of an original Camaleonda sofa is visibly spiked in the last few years as this majestic masterpiece gained popularity all over the world. But there are some companies that are selling replicas of the camaleonda sofa at an affordable price.

1. Eternity Modern

Eternity Modern Sells a replica of the Camaleonda sofa, which can be customized in fabrics like soft velvet, luxurious leather, cashmere, cotton, and multiple hues to choose a suitable one for your living room. You can even use your own fabric for a truly authentic and unique design. Be precautious and enquire thoroughly before investing in any replica of the camaleonda sofa.

Eternity Modern

2. Belia Sectional Sofa

Another place that can be considered to buy a replica of the Camaleonda sofa is Belia Sectional Sofa. They can also customize the sofa in multiple colors, textures, and fabrics to fulfill your desire.

Belia Sectional Sofa

3. Overstock

Overstock is selling a replica of the camaleonda sofa at the most affordable price. They are offering two variations, mainly orange and beige, for the sofa. You can definitely ask to customize the sofa in any color or fabric.


How To Style The Bellini Camaleonda Sofa

Here are some of the ideas on how you can place a Camaleonda sofa amidst your interiors and elevate your living space!

About Mario Bellini

Milan, Italy, is the birthplace of Mario Bellini. He is well-known for his impeccable accomplishments in the field of art, design, and architecture. He initially worked as a design consultant for an Italian tech manufacturer.

He came into the spotlight after he created the most efficient typewriter for the same tech company. Later on, he designed automobile interiors for a renowned company called fiat and gave it a luxurious touch.

He is known worldwide for his architectural skills and designs. His artwork left people mesmerized, from Paris to Germany to Italy and even Japan.

But specifically, there are two major designs that gained him success and increased his popularity among people, first, the unique and bold Camaleonda sofa, which he designed for B&B Italia, and then the CAB chair that he designed for Cassina.

Belle’s contribution to design and architecture is globally embraced. He has made a remarkable impression in his design career with his art and innovative ideas.


It is safe to say that despite of the unusual and unique design of the Camaleonda sofa, it can look elegant in the interiors of our home.

The ancient origin of the sofa makes it worth installing. Even the replicas of the original sofa are easily accessible and are available in multiple fabrics and colors.

There are various online platforms that sell replicas of the original Bellini Sofa. However, if you want to invest in an authentic Mario Bellini sofa, you can definitely find it on the B&B Italia website.

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