What Furniture Adds Glamour to Bedrooms?

What Furniture Adds Glamour to Bedrooms?

The bedroom is rarely just a space to sleep. Often, it is a place for relaxing, rejuvenating, and recharging yourself for the next day.

It’s your vista for having your me-time and enjoying privacy. Thus, it becomes extremely crucial to focus on the decor and interiors of your bedroom.

Do you want your bedroom to be more glamorous and classy? Do you want to add a bit of flash that elevates the interiors?

You can find all your answers in our guide here! Find what furniture, accents, and cozy glam bedroom decor can make your room more glamorous.

Furniture That Will Make Your Bedroom Glamorous

1. Chandelier


What speaks more glamour than a chandelier?

If you have a relatively larger bedroom with a tall ceiling, a chandelier will most certainly enhance the aesthetics of your room more than anything else.

Please select one that suits the theme of the rest of the interiors and observe the difference it makes!

2. Velvet Soft Boards

Velvet Soft Boards

The one texture that brings out glam more than any other is velvet. But it’s often tough to find appropriate places to incorporate it.

Headboards are one such area where you can modify.

Nowadays, adding velvet soft boards directly on the wall behind the bed is a wonderful trend that instantly elevates your bedroom.

3. Mirrors


Of course, everyone has mirrors in their bedrooms.

But that’s not what we mean to imply here. Huge, sleek mirrors installed on the wall add a classy definition to an otherwise mundane room.

You can also look for mirrors with carvings, designs, and other intricate details that make it a beautiful accessory.

4. Bed Frame

Bed Frame

The best way to scream “extra glamour” is a bed frame.

Not only are these elaborate and add just the touch of excessive glamour, but they also redefine your bedroom space.

The only catch here is that your bedroom must be large enough for this furniture. You can opt for bed frames with elongated designs and carvings, too.

5. Seating


Again, if your bedroom has ample space, you don’t need to waste it with nothing.

Add a couple of chairs, sofas, or seating furniture to accentuate the bedroom while simultaneously adding a place for resting.

You can get as innovative as you want with the furniture you pick. While this doesn’t necessarily add glamour to the room, it elevates the interiors.

General Tips To Make Your Bedroom Glamorous

1. Go Monochrome

Go Monochrome

Experimenting with different colors feels like a wonderful way of expressing your personality and way of living.

But monochrome might be the way if you want to aim for glamour and class for your bedroom’s interiors.

You don’t need to stick to just one color, but try to explore shades from the same palette.

2. Experiment With Textures

Experiment With Textures

If the look is monochromatic, what can you change to make it interesting? The texture.

For instance, if you go for a velvet headboard, you can opt for silk or satin covers, fluffy pillows, or thin, translucent curtains.

Employ your creativity to find the best combinations to add richness to your bedroom.

3. Frame Your Bed

Frame Your Bed

Framing your bed is certainly different than having a bed frame. While the latter is a piece of furniture, the former is an arrangement.

Add nightstands on either side of your bed and a small couch or sitting stool at the bottom so the bed is essentially “framed” from all sides.

This will give it a rich and classy look.

4. False Ceiling

False Ceiling .jpg

False ceilings are usually installed in the living room, drawing room, or dining areas.

But a simple, elegant piece of work in the bedroom can make it stand out manifold.

Moreover, you can also choose to paint the ceiling with bold colors.

If your bedroom walls are typically from a lighter palette, darker shades will improve the contrast.

5. Accented Wall

Accented Wall

If you found our suggestion for a monochromatic theme too simple, this one is well-suited for you.

Pick a wall in your bedroom and add an accent wallpaper or contrasting shade that could add depth to the room.

However, we recommend adding an accent to the wall behind the bed so it becomes the focal point of attention.

6. Carpet


You don’t need to lay a carpet down on the entire floor of your bedroom. Not only does it look excessive, but it also becomes a major cleaning task.

How else can you use a carpet to elevate your bedroom? Find a smaller piece and lay it only near your bed.

You can lay it where your feet would be when you sit on the bed, or you can lay half of it under the bed and the other half at the bottom, like in the picture above.

Parting Words

Although a lengthy task, elevating your bedroom is equally essential since we all need to design our personal spaces in a way that helps us relax better.

If you want your bedroom to look chic and glamorous, you can explore different types of furniture and accents.

Some of these include large beds, long mirrors, chandeliers, and nightstands.

On the other hand, choosing the right palette for painting, wallpapers, accents, and carpets are accessories that can add glamour to your room.

How do you plan to transform your bedroom into a glamorous space? Let us know in the comments!

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