What Are the Key Features of a Scandinavian Dining Room Design

What Are the Key Features of a Scandinavian Dining Room Design?

Originating in the 1950s, Scandinavian designs take pride in minimalist white walls, wooden floors, and modern furniture. Eventually, this style began to take a solid shape till the 1970s. It continues to be a timeless inspiration for several interior designers because of its simplicity, minimalism, and classy look.

Some of the key features of a Scandinavian dining room include clean lines, natural materials, quality craftsmanship, neutral tones, and, most of all, comfort and practicality. Are you looking to design your dining room with this style?

Then, you’ve reached the right place! Our guide elaborates on each of these features, along with the most popular types of Scandinavian furniture and suggestions to style the dining room. Continue reading to learn more!

Features of a Scandinavian Dining Room Design

1. Minimalism


The approach of “Less is More” is highly prevalent in Scandinavian designs. Even culturally, they believe in maintaining sparse empty spaces to emphasize this principle. Hence, this minimalism must be reflected in your design as well. You can achieve this by employing clean lines in your interiors and furnishing the dining room with simple furniture. This minimalism will also create a sense of freedom and openness through the designs.

2. Natural Materials

Natural Materials

Carrying forward the simplicity arising from a minimalistic approach, Scandinavian designs typically use the most natural materials in their furniture and decor items. Wood, leather, and wool are usually employed to construct the overall furnishing with expert craftsmanship to increase durability and aesthetic appeal. Moreover, using simple materials is another cultural way of staying in touch with nature, our roots, and our surroundings.

3. Neutral Color Tones

Neutral Color Tones

Bold colors are often used as a way of adding an accent or highlighting the decor items in a room. Light palettes, on the other hand, instill a sense of calm and quiet in the room. Hence, when designing a Scandinavian room, remember to employ only lighter tones, like the different shades of white and gray, beige, and other pale colors. These colors will further help if the room has restricted space or compact furnishing.

4. Comfort


Is the design comfortable? Is there a practical use for the decor? Is it allowing me to relax and calm down while having my meals? If your answer to any of these questions is no, that piece of furniture doesn’t belong in the dining room. Scandinavian designs are renowned for prioritizing the comfort of the user and the practicality of the furniture over how it makes the room look. Try ergonomic designs and plush upholstery to achieve this.

5. Modern Furniture

Modern Furniture

Even when taking inspiration from a popular design style, adding your personal touch is crucial. Make your dining room unique by furnishing it with any modern furniture you like. Sleek designs, classy looks, and elegance are all achieved in this design style by using wooden furniture that has gentle lines, subtle curves, and tapering legs. To keep up with the theme, opt for minimalistic, light-toned, and comfortable items.

Types of Furniture for a Scandinavian Room

Types of Furniture for a Scandinavian Room

Without question, the furniture of any room can make or break its look. To achieve the perfect Scandinavian style, choose the right furniture for your dining room. Here are our top three suggestions for an elegant and classy look.

  1. Dining tables: Scandinavian dining tables are typically made of oak, walnut, or teak. They often show their natural beauty and add a sense of warmth to the room.
  2. Extendable dining tables: These are specially designed to increase the utility of a room while hosting multiple people or accommodating a large group.
  3. Dining chairs: Stylish Scandinavian chairs provide both comfort and elegance to the dining room with their sleek ergonomic designs.

Guide to Styling a Scandinavian Room

Guide to Styling a Scandinavian Room

After understanding the key features of a dining room, the next course of action is to learn how to design it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to plan your perfect dining room.

  1. Right Furniture: Begin by choosing the right furniture. Opt for sleek modern items that add a look of elegance, royalty, and tranquility to the dining room.
  2. Minimalism: Create an open space of minimum clutter and unnecessary objects to achieve minimalism and optimum organization. Use cabinets and other storage solutions to achieve the same.
  3. Natural Elements: Look for different ways to incorporate natural elements and textures in your dining room through wooden furniture, indoor plants, and soft textiles.
  4. Lighting: Lighting forms a major part of any dining room. Try to incorporate as much natural light as possible and use neutral tones to enhance it further.
  5. Add your touch: Despite all our suggestions and recommendations, don’t forget to add your touch to make the living space unique. You can add accents or patterns to make the room pop.

Parting Words

Scandinavian design is a timeless look of elegance, royalty, and class that has evolved beautifully over the years. Some of the key features of this style include minimalistic interiors, natural lighting, neutral color palettes, natural materials, modern furniture, and soft textures.

The idea of preferring comfort and practicality over the looks of any furniture or decor item is highly prevalent in this style. Hence, adopting a minimalistic approach to designing a dining room is crucial for the whole process. What is your favorite design in this style? Let us know in the comments below!

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