Top 10 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Top 10 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Garage doors are an integral part of the daily lives of our homes, since they provide both functionality and security. They are the means by which we quickly get into our vehicles and store our belongings, while adding to the curb appeal of our home.

Nevertheless, there is a possibility that, similarly to any other mechanical system, garage doors do need regular maintenance and from time to time, repairs to guarantee that they continue to perform smoothly.

For the Gaithersburg residents, timely garage door repairs are critical in avoiding costly escalations of problems. So, hiring a garage door repair in Gaithersburg, MD service is a great option for them. One of the companies in this area is STI Garage Door. They are a team of professionals who can handle any of the garage door-related problems easily and quickly.

Now, let’s get back to how you can understand that your garage door needs repair.

Sign 1: Unusual Noises

Unusual NoisesA symptom that your garage door may need repair is a strange noise while it is in use. If you hear squeaking, scraping, or grinding sounds when you open or close the garage door, it shows that you have some problems. This noise may be caused by the worn components, including rollers, springs, and hinges.

Not paying attention to these sounds, may result in more damage down the road which could be costly to repair. Consequently, you must act fast and call the garage door repair company in case there are strange noises.

Sign 2: Slow Response Time

Another sign that your garage door needs attention is the slow reaction time. If you are using the remote button or the wall-mounted opener, your garage door should respond in a timely manner without any delay.

Nevertheless, if you discover a lag time between the button press and the door’s movement, it can imply different problems such as:

  • sensor malfunctions;
  • motor failures;
  • electrical issues;
  • other potential causes.

A professional technician of garage door repairs can make the diagnosis of the cause of the slow response time and suggest the right repairs.

Sign 3: Lack of Balance or Disharmony

Lack of Balance or DisharmonyIf the garage door is not aligned or balanced properly, it will give a crooked or uneven appearance. This problem may appear because of worn-out springs, broken cables, or the tracks issue. The door may become unbalanced, or the tracks may become misaligned, which can cause serious safety risks and make the door and its components even more prone to damage.

Sign 4: Visible Damage

It is not smart to overlook visible damage to your garage door like dents, cracks, and rust spots. It not only spoils the look of your house but also makes the door weak and unsafe. The door’s panels can also get damaged which may lead to a reduction in the insulation properties of the door, thus increasing the energy expenses.

Sign 5: Sagging Sections

The sagging parts of the door are not only ugly but also a sign of the springs or cables being the source of the problem. The garage door springs can become less tight during the course of time, which makes the door sag or become unbalanced.

The door’s stability and safety may be jeopardized by the presence of broken or frayed cables. The sagging sections have to be addressed immediately in order to avoid additional damage and ensure the safety of your garage door operation.

Sign 6: Difficulty Operating the Door

Difficulty Operating the DoorIf you find it hard to open or close the garage door manually and notice problems that might be related to the automatic opener, it is an indication that repairs are needed. The most frequent issues that can undermine the proper functioning of a garage door are rollers that are worn out, broken tracks, and faulty motors.

The more you try to force the door to open or close the worse it will get and can cause additional damage. For this to be done professionally, it would be better to involve a technician from a garage door repair company.

Sign 7: High Energy Bills

A rise in the energy bills may be indicative of a faulty garage door with poor insulation or a faulty motor. The insulation qualities of your garage door are important since they can allow air to seep in during the winter months and out during the summer months if they are not sufficient.

It will force your heating and cooling system to work harder to achieve an indoor temperature that is comfortable, therefore, you will be paying higher energy bills.

Sign 8: Inconsistent Movement

Inconsistent MovementDoors that are hard to open or close and jerk when moving may be caused by problems with the tracks or rollers. The tracks, as time goes by, might get dirty and debris accumulated, thereby making the door misaligned or hard to open and close.

Furthermore, worn or damaged rollers can also interfere with the smooth movement of the door and cause it to operate jerkily or unevenly.

Sign 9: Visible Wear and Tear on Components

Routine maintenance of your garage door’s parts can help you detect problems with the components before they worsen into big problems. A few items that may give indications of wear and tear are springs, cables, hinges, and rollers.

Check for visible signs of damage like cables showing, rusted hinges, or worn-out springs. The timely handling of the problems mentioned above will prevent your garage door from being damaged and will help extend its life.

Sign 10: Absence of Safety Features

Absence of Safety FeaturesContemporary garage doors are fitted with different safety elements, including auto-reverse mechanisms and photoelectric sensors, which prevent incidents and injuries.

If your garage door does not have all the necessary safety features or the existing ones are not working properly, it is a must to take care of the problem right away.

Not paying attention to that can lead to nasty consequences for you and your family’s safety. Get in touch with a reliable garage door repair Gaithersburg MD company to either install or repair the safety features and make sure that your garage door functions correctly.


Understanding the signs that suggest that your garage door requires service is fundamental for ensuring its operation, safety, and durability. With the quick response of the professional garage door repair service, you can avoid minor problems from escalating into expensive repairs and reliably use your garage door in the long run. Don’t play with fire: call for a garage door inspection appointment now, and make sure your house is safe and sound.

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