Concealed Doors – A Rising Door Trend in the UK 2024

Concealed Doors – A Rising Door Trend in the UK 2024

Nowadays it’s becoming increasingly common for homeowners to embrace contemporary design, seeking sleek lines and minimalist aesthetics. In apartments especially, the focus on functionality and practical appeal is paramount, with residents constantly seeking ways to optimize their living spaces.

Surprisingly, contrary to popular belief, concealed doors can be a game-changer, offering both a stylish appearance and enhanced functionality. Whether it’s creating a seamless transition between rooms or maximizing space, these hidden gems can make a dramatic impact on the overall ambiance and usability of your living space.

Depending on the size and the pre-planned overall vision of your flat, concealed doors might complete your interior correctly. Therefore, you should look for our concealed door to find the best doors.

What is a Concealed Door?

Concealed doors, also referred to as “hidden” doors, camouflage into the wall through invisible hinges. They are located within a door frame and function like an accordion to conceal in between the frame and the door.

They are considered inexpensive, but there are many effective alternatives like a pivot hinge installed in the header.What is a Concealed Door?

Whatever the opening mechanism, to have a concealed doorway, it is ideal to engage a skilled carpentry service for a seamless blend and flush with the wall when closed.

Therefore, starting a new project is much easier than trying to fit such a door into an existing fence. To create a unique invisible doorway, many homeowners opt for touch-to-open spring latches, which eliminate the need for doorknobs.

What Are the Benefits of Having Concealed Doors?

There are more than a few benefits to installing concealed doors in your homes & apartments.

First, it’s important to note that hidden doors are the perfect fit for contemporary and minimalist designs where the focus is on smoothness, space, and functionality.

Streamlined interiors are all about a clutter-free environment with removing unnecessary items.

Concealed doors are effectively hidden doors, so they are bound to create clear boundaries with beautiful tonal transitions between walls, floors, and furniture.

How to Implement Concealed Doors in The Interior Design?

How to Implement Concealed Doors in The Interior Design?Using the main advantages of these doors, implementing the hidden doorways into your interior is bound to inspire some genuinely creative ideas. Of course, it all depends on your needs and preferences, as well as the goal you wish to accomplish.

Here are a few practical suggestions that may be suitable for your home renovation project

Install Mirrors and Embrace Reflections

One of the easiest ways to “hide” a door in an HDB unit is by installing large mirrors.

Their primary purpose is to create the illusion of a larger space. Moreover, they reflect natural light, which is very beneficial for areas with little or no light inlet.

For optimal results, you can have an entire wall covered with mirror panels. Covering the door with the same board guarantees seamless blending with the rest of the interior for a new and exciting reflective room.

Build Shelves

When designing small flats, one of the main goals is to maximize storage space. Because such units are almost always lacking in storage space, repurposing your hidden door will almost certainly be beneficial.

Clean and open shelves are ideal for a minimalist look. However, you can conceal the door behind a larger cabinet, allowing you to store an increasing number of essential items.

Creating a Safe Room

The best thing about hidden doors is that they can be used to create secret rooms. Furthermore, you can use such a door to conceal your safe or simply store all of your important documents and valuables.

Make Space for Parties

These concealed doorways prove to be perfect for secret spaces, such as soundproof party rooms, as mentioned earlier. In certain private buildings and housing communities, noisy gatherings often pose a significant problem.

Of course, your interior design firm may be able to provide you with practical solutions to the problem. It’s enough to add soundproof layers to your party room walls to ensure you can have fun with your friends without bothering your neighbors.

How Much Do Hidden Doors Cost?

The cost of concealing doors depends on several factors, including the type of wall treatment surrounding the door, the cost of the door and lock themselves, as well as extras, like concealing the door on both sides.

In general, concealed doors come in many sizes, but the standard doorway of 1981*2040 height is the most common. It costs between $650 and $700 on average to install a pocket. Most people pay around $700 for installing a new solid wood door.­­


The trend of concealed doors presents a compelling solution for modern homeowners seeking to optimize both style and functionality within their living spaces.

These hidden gems not only create a clean, clutter-free environment but also enhance the overall ambiance and usability of a home or apartment. Whether it’s maximizing space, creating clear boundaries, or even establishing secret rooms for safekeeping or entertainment, concealed doors provide versatile solutions for various needs.

Considering the diverse benefits they offer, investing in concealed doors, such as those offered by DoorsDelivered, can significantly elevate the interior design of any residential space. With their ability to blend seamlessly into the surroundings and their potential to inspire creative design ideas, concealed doors stand out as a rising trend worth exploring for homeowners looking to transform their living spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments.

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