Happy Thursday my friends!  As I mentioned before, we’re on the road again (horray!).  This time we’re exploring Lake Tahoe.  The drive up here was amazing, California never ceases to amaze me with it’s vastness, variety of landscapes and beauty.  I’m just in love.  We pulled over at this one spot on highway 395 and did an impromptu mini shoot.  This hat has been my saving grace as I haven’t washed my hair since we left (although a dip in the lake yesterday kind of counts, right?!)  I have to say, this RV was the best thing we have ever, EVER purchased.  I’m loving life on the road so, so much. Having our furry family with us, a kitchen and bathroom make roadtrips just a dream.  Today it’s rainng and we’re cozied up at our campsite listening to it hit the roof and on the lookout for bears.  It might be heaven.  More soon…. xx- Sarah

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RV Adventures: Big Sur


I’m happy to finally be sharing our Big Sur adventures!  It’s such a spectacular coastline, and I’d never spent any time there before, only driven through, so I was so excited to set up camp for a few days and explore.  And now I’m so excited that I can bring you all along virtually- I’m sharing our favorite adventures below.  Hope you enjoy!  xx- Sarah

A-house_in_the_hills_big_sur-47 A-house_in_the_hills_big_sur-30

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Alamere Falls


Howdy friends, and happy Tuesday!  We’re back in San Diego and I’m already itching to get back on the road.  I have a serious case of wanderlust!  Today I want to travel back in time to a hike we did in Pt. Reyes to Alamere Falls.  It was roughly 11 miles round trip (according to my runkeeper app) and was a truly incredible walk along the coastal bluffs, through the mountains, past a couple of lakes and ending at a 40 ft waterfall that dropped onto the beach.  I highly recommend it for anyone in the area- and for all levels of hikers!  We skipped the shortcut trail down to the falls and continued along to Wildcat camp, then walked south down the beach to the falls.  It added some miles to the hike but we were the only people on about a mile stretch of beach- and those are the moments I live for!  We’d love to hit this spot again in the summer because we spotted a rope swing on one of the lakes that looks like it’s too much fun to miss!  My tips:  be on the trail early as you can manage- we had the whole place to ourselves for the majority of the hike, but as we were leaving there were so many people on the trail in), bring a picnic to enjoy on the beach, if there’s a flock of birds hanging out of the beach- run into them and watch them take over the sky- it’s beautiful, bring a plastic bag to pick up trash others left behind to carry out (ugh, but necessary), bring a swimsuit for the rope swing if you’re interested in taking a pause along the hike for a refreshing dip!  And if you’re in SF this is an easy day hike.  Just sayin!!!  Get at it!  Okey, that’s that adventure!  I’ll be back soon to share our Big Sur wanderings.  xx- Sarah


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Stripes For Life


Hey friends, happy Monday!!!  We spent the better part of last week in Big Sur, which is now at the top of my favorites list.  It’s insane pretty.  Like: make-you-believe-in-a- higher-power beautiful.  I can’t wait to share the photos with you soon!  In the meantime, today’s style post featuring camping-wear, which will quickly turn into weekend wear after this silly heat wave dies down!  I love cozy comfortable outfits like this one, perfect for lounging around and eating my body weight in s’mores!!! More soon! xx- Sarah   (Shop this outfit: pants, shirt, sneakers)


Life Is Calling


I learned a lot about life this past year as first we sat beside Lou’s father as he moved on from his life and then as I spent the better part of the year fighting to get back to health.  I’m not sure why those things happened back to back, but they humbled me, taught me so many life lessons and pushed me to grow into a better person, to live a better life.  The RV and our travels are a direct reflection of that.  As I lay in bed this year wondering if I would ever regain my quality of life I realized there are so many things that I’d put off doing, that I might not have the chance to do.  With each day in bed I grew more and more committed to the idea that if I got better, I wouldn’t continue to choose work over play, to save for tomorrow all of the things that I want out of this life.  I realized, during that time, that I’d strayed away from myself somehow, that I’d become a version of myself that wasn’t fully alive.

Travel and adventure are so important to me, have always been so important to me.  To feel a deep sense of vitality I need to stretch my legs and see new sights, I need to feel uneasy about the unknown, I need to be awed by the magic of the world around us, I need to be outdoors.  I’ve made that a priority since I’ve gotten healthier, and it’s completely changed my life.  Each day I pinch myself when I wake up and look around at the landscape around me- I feel my spirit come alive as I run down the beach chasing a giant flock of seagulls, my heart feels like it may burst at the seams as I watch my husband and dogs explore this big beautiful world.  I feel like I’ve started walking the path back to my true self, if that makes sense.  It’s so easy to wander off the trail when life/society/expectations are pressing down.   So I ask you, are you on the path you most want to be on?

I write all of this for those of you who haven’t had the crisis experience that’s forced you to take a long hard look at your life, to ask yourself does it make your heart sing, what you’re spending your days doing?  Are you waiting for another day to live the life that you dream of?  Because, as we know but have become so skilled at tucking away in the backs of our minds, tomorrow isn’t a promise- it’s a hope. It won’t come for all of us, or it may come but not look anything like we dreamed it would.  So in that case, would you be doing anything differently today?  Do you know what your dreams are?  Are you living them?  If not, what are you waiting for?  This world is magical, this life is beautiful, it’s yours for the crafting.  Please, live it hard.  Live it with everything you’ve got.  Be grateful for each day, for each moment, for each experience.  Revisit the knowledge that tomorrow isn’t promised and let today be your greatest gift.  xx- Sarah



Soup + Salad From the Grill


Since we’ve been on the road I’ve fallen even more in love with cooking on our grill, simple delicious meals that warm the body.  Especially after long hikes like this one.  Food tastes infinitely more delicious when your legs are achy and your mind has had hours of walking to exhaust all thoughts!  Yesterday we hiked to Alamere Falls, and after a long day of walking this meal was the perfect answer to all of our hunger questions.  Lemony grilled romaine salad (the charred lemons give it such good flavor!), easy tomato soup with salt + pepper potato chips, and a bit of skirt steak- our kind of meal these days!  Recipe for the soup and salad below- we hope you love!!  xx- Sarah  {Styling Sources: plates, bowls, flatware, napkin, ladle, cutting board, serving platter}

soup_salad_a_house_in_the_hills-898 soup_salad_a_house_in_the_hills-903

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