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Step-by-step Guide To Understand How Wayfair Professional Work

Are you a newbie in the world of Wayfair Professionals? Do you want to learn the essential steps to use the professional version? Then we have got you covered.

We understand that it can be challenging to become accustomed to the platform when you use it for the first time (no exception for the Professional version of Wayfair).

As a business owner, joining Wayfair can be a beneficial step to expanding your business.

You can also get a quick revenue boost. However, you can achieve all these by utilizing the Wayfair Professional like a pro.

To help you through this journey, we have done a quick research and created a straightforward step-by-step guide on how the Professional version of Wayfair works.

So, before you start with the Professional version, read this quick guide for a hassle-free and smooth journey on the professional front.

What is Wayfair Professional?

Before you learn how the Professional version of Wayfair works, let’s quickly look at what the Wayfair platform is all about.

Wayfair is a popular e-commerce platform that helps sellers of furniture and home appliances, and buyers find first-hand housewares from the platform.

On the Wayfair website, different products (from a wide range of dealers) are displayed to the consumer, which gives them endless options to explore and select.

Wayfair provides ample opportunities to earn good revenue, whether you are a leading business or a start-up e-commerce business.

How Does Wayfair Professional Work?

In the following segment, we will detail how the selling and buying takes place on the Wayfair Professional.

Selling on Wayfair

Logo of Wayfair, Inc - a leading online retailer specializing in selling furniture and home decor items

The Professional version of Wayfair is primarily designed for e-commerce sellers or businesses who want to create a space for themselves in the e-commerce market.

Here are a few steps to use Professional Wayfair for selling purposes:

  • Creating Or Logging Into Your Account: To get started with your Professional Wayfair, you need to create an account on the platform or log in to your existing account and switch to Professional mode by following the instructions.
  • Setting Up Shop And Optimization: Once you have created your Professional account on the platform, you can set up and optimize your shop. You can add images, Keywords, clear descriptions, and more here.
  • Integrating Marketplace: Your next step is integrating the marketplace with your inventory management software. This will help to automate and streamline the tasks and increase productivity.
  • Wayfair Customer Service: Wayfair customer service is a crucial aspect of your e-commerce store on the platform. It can affect or determine the growth of your e-commerce store, so you must use it wisely.
  • Wayfair Virtual Design Showroom: With the Professional Wayfair account, you get an exclusive virtual design showroom for a quick and seamless product comparison. Here, you can get exclusive features like quote tools, fabric swatches, inspiration boards, product tear sheets, and more.
  • 3D Models For Designers: Professionals like interior designers can download 3D models for product development and create their portfolios on the account. Currently, designers use two formats to download 3D models.
  • Uploading Personal Galleries: Lastly, designers with professional Wayfair accounts can upload their personal work galleries on the site. They can utilize this feature to display and attract clients directly on the platform.

Buying On Wayfair

A woman browsing furniture on the Wayfair website, looking for the perfect piece to buy for her home

With a professional Wayfair account, you can also buy furniture, home appliances and other related products with exclusive features-

  1. Setting Up An Account: To start with professional Wayfair for business purchases, you must set up an account on the platform.
  2. Orders: once you have created an account on Wayfair, you can access the order section to track orders, write reviews, and more.
  3. Pro Search Filters: With a professional Wayfair account, you can also access advanced or pro search filters to make your product search on the platform effortless.
  4. Exclusive Pricing: With a professional Wayfair account, you can also access exclusive pricing, especially for the professional.
  5. Sharing Your Cart: You can also share your cart on the platform with your co-workers and team for a streamlined and hassle-free workflow.
  6. Getting Tax Exemption: A Professional Wayfair account can also give you access to exclusive features, such as tax exemption, that help secure more profit for the business.

Wayfair Professional Program

The professional Wayfair program was designed for e-commerce sellers and businesses who want to establish themselves on the e-commerce platform.

The professional version has several pros and exclusive features to boost their business on the platform.

The professional program comes with a monthly coupon system where the account holders get a coupon every month (via email) to get an exclusive discount on any purchase.

Wayfair Delivery Network

To handle the shipping and delivery tasks seamlessly for businesses and their consumers, Wayfair has created a Wayfair delivery network or WDN.

The delivery and shipping partners are selected through a strict selection process of WDN to maintain the highest quality and seamless experience with the platform.

Final Takeaway

Wayfair is a renowned e-commerce selling platform dedicated to home appliances, furniture sellers, and buyers.

It is a great platform for e-commerce sellers to expand their business and generate lucrative revenue for their companies.

The professional version of Wayfair is designed for professionals like interior designers, retailers, wholesale suppliers and other sellers to connect with the customer and marketplace and boost their business rapidly.

Above, we have discussed a step-by-step guide to using professional Wayfair and how it works.

To learn more about the professional version of Wayfair and create your own Wayfair professional account, visit the official Wayfair website now.

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