Industrial Home Office Decor Tips To Get That Edgy Look

25 Industrial Home Office Decor Tips To Get That Edgy Look

The industrial home office decor is a great way to bring in a no-frill or fuss approach to bring to your Industrial office in your home. It is a strong and functional way of making the best use of your space. The Industrial-style home decor essentially uses really simple materials creatively and in mostly raw forms. It is fairly easy to decorate your space with Industrial style decor. Here is everything to know on how to include Industrial Decor in your home office.

What Is Industrial Office Decor?

The Industrial Decor, as the name suggests, is mainly inspired by old factories and industrial spaces. It came into existence out of necessity to convert old abandoned buildings into living spaces. Mostly, this style of decor uses stripped-back architecture, worn-out-looking surfaces, raw elements, bricks, etc. The Industrial office decor emphasizes a lot on distressed elements. To give it a modern twist, the Industrial office decor mainly uses five elements that you can mix and match to get the desired look.

Open Concepts

Industrial style often uses open spaces. You can leave the infrastructure of the space open and embrace the rawness of your Industrial office. The designs used here generally give a contrast to your space where you balance the minimalist and the vintage pieces.

Modern Details & Industrial Elements

Some major components of the modern Industrial Style include using brick walls and sleek metals. You can use modern elements and mix them with raw elements to achieve the perfect Industrial Office.

Unique Lighting

Industrial Style decor uses a lot of dramatic and functional lighting. You will often find stage lighting or pendant lighting with filament as a decor element. It brings a retro industrial look to your space while making it well-lit.

Wood And Metal

Wood and metal are two very important elements in any Industrial Office design. The metal gives a sleek, luxurious feel, while the rich wood provides a contrast to all those industrial features.

Handcrafted Floors

Floors are an important element in your Industrial office that will bring your whole room together. The two elements that are very popular for Handcrafted floors in your Industrial office are concrete and hardwood. They add a lot of character and give you a very industrial feel in your space.

You can easily mix and match these elements along with some other decorative pieces and create a space that will come together to be a perfect Industrial Office. Check these Industrial Home Office Decor Ideas to get some inspiration.

List of 25 Industrial Home Office Decor Ideas

1. Show Your Wall

Topping our list of Industrial Home Office Decor Ideas is showing the walls. It is rustic, raw, and a great way to include the Industrial style of decor in your home. You can expose the brick of your home office. To add depth to the wall, you can paint the brick wall in any color you want. Not only that, you can use some chalkboard paint and scribble notes or quotes on your wall.

Show Your Wall industrial office

2. No-Nonsense Bookcases

Industrial Style Home Decor is essentially a “no-nonsense” decor idea. To start with, you can look for industrial-style bookcases for your Industrial Office. These bookshelves have minimalistic silhouettes and a distressed look at the same time. This will aid in your rustic and refined charm. Bookcases are a great way to offer crisp organization space making your home office decluttered.

No-Nonsense Bookcases Industrial Bookcase

3. Add Some Slender Silhouettes

You can use the Industrial interior style of decor anywhere, regardless of the size of your space. You can use some space-saving silhouettes to decorate your Industrial Office. Look for slender designs that are more functional. You can explore drawers and shelves to maximize the function. Storage drawers made of pipes and used as shelf brackets would be a great addition.

Add Some Slender Silhouettes industrial office

4. A Statement Lamp

A necessary addition to your Industrial Home Decor is a lamp. So, adding a strong table lamp or an essential fixture as a lamp in your room is a good idea. This is an effortless and bold way to bring that Industrial design to your space. Going for eclectic table lamps will give you a much-needed element in your room.

A Statement Lamp industrial office

5. Add a Hutch

Another element to add to your Industrial Office is a giant wall hutch. A Hutch can transform your simple wall into functional storage. It is a chunk of industrial storage element that will give your home office a makeover.

Add a Hutch industrial office

6. A Leather Chair

It goes without saying you need a chair in your Industrial office. You can explore different materials, including wood or metal, but to add an edge, you can bring a luxury element. Choose a traditional leather chair in your home office to give your space a touch of luxury. Worn leather is also a great option if you want to tone it down.

A Leather Chair industrial office

7. Bring In The Green

Regardless of what type of decor you choose, bringing some plants into your space breathes life into it. You can bring these natural detoxifiers to purify the air. Add some plants and bring some greenery to the office.

Bring In The Green industrial office

8. Metal Desk

Metal is one of the key elements in an Industrial Office. You can use it in different forms. Adding a metal table will not only give you a dedicated working space but also add an edge to your office. You can also experiment with the shapes of the desks too. An Aviator Metal Desk will give your space a high-end look.

Metal Desk industrial office

9. A Big Clock Might Bring It All Together

A hero element that could set the tone of your room is a large wall clock. Look for a more Industrial style, one that is raw and sharp. You can put more subtle pieces around the clock to balance the whole setting.

A Big Clock Might Bring It All Together industrial office

10. Include The Rustic Wood

You can also use wood in its raw form to decorate your Industrial Office space. Bring wooden shelves or a chair to your room and experience how quickly it elevates your place.

Include The Rustic Wood industrial office

11. Use a Stylish Rug

Rugs are a great way of outlining the whole space. If you have a big room, rugs will help you create boundaries in the area. If you are dealing with a smaller space, put a rug underneath the furniture and add a nice accent to the office.

Use a Stylish Rug industrial office

12. Hang In Large-Scale Frames

Another element you can add to your space are some big frames. You can get some artwork framed and put it around the office. It will bring life to your room while giving it an artistic touch.

Hang In Large-Scale Frames industrial office

13. Opt For Minimalism

Going Industrial doesn’t mean you have to go all loud. You can use minimalistic design elements to decorate your Industrial Office. You can paint your walls with dark color, add a sturdy table and put a rug to get the desired look.

Opt For Minimalism industrial office

14. Mix The Textures

Your Industrial office doesn’t have to be one-dimensional or boring. You can mix the textures and materials for the old rustic and warehouse conversion look. To shake things up, you can use multiple surfaces like wood, leather, concrete, and vintage items. Use these different textures and bring character to your space.

Mix The Textures industrial office

15. Embrace The Quirkiness

Incorporate quirky elements in your office space, like vintage house numbers, old globes, and marquee letters. You can even use old stacked suitcases for the coffee table. You can use anything to bring a fun element to your decor, and it will balance the industrial elements.

Embrace The Quirkiness industrial office

16. Keep An Industrial Color Palette

A key feature in your Industrial Office is your room’s color palette. Make sure you stick with the industrial color palette. Traditionally, industrial warehouses are minimal and have neutral bases. You can stick with different shades of grey or go with white tones.

Keep An Industrial Color Palette

17. Floating Slab Desk

A quirky addition to your Industrial office is a floating slab desk. A desk is a very important part of any home office. However, it doesn’t have to be a traditional table. You can get creative and add a floating slab desk to your Industrial office. To give it an industrial look, use materials like concrete or metal. This will provide a very interesting feel to the room and make it functional.

Floating Slab Desk industrial office

18. A Vintage Desk

The industrial interior uses a lot of raw designs. So you can add a natural and vintage desk in your home office. It is a sturdy piece of furniture that will give you the rustic look and durability needed when making an office.

A Vintage Desk industrial office

19. Use The Lighting Wisely

Lighting style is generally the make or break of any room or space. Make sure you use lighting wisely to give your Industrial office that chic look. Use large pendants for lighting that will look great in the area. Not only look, but these lights are also functional as they would give you ample lighting to work in your Industrial office. You can also use some exposed bulbs in the room for a more pared-back look. If you are looking for a softer look, put up modern chandeliers that will give a flash of finesse.

Use The Lighting Wisely industrial office

20. Include A Wall Shelf

You need a lot of space to keep all tidbits in your Industrial office. A wall shelf is an answer to all your storage problems. This is an important element to add to your home office. You can add a live edge wall shelf to give your space a soothing natural feel. To add an industrial design, make it inside a concrete box. You can also get a metal wall shelf and give a raw element to your Industrial office.

Use a Stylish Rug industrial office

21. An Open-Air Office

You don’t have to wait to go on vacations to be able to enjoy the cool breeze on a warm day. Simply position your desk facing the door or a window that opens to a backyard or patio. That will keep your workstation in line with a breezy feel and give you natural scenery. You can use minimalist and organic colors to make the setting coordinated. This open-air table will keep the fresh air incoming, keeping you focused on the task at hand.

An Open-Air Office industrial office

22. A Recreational Lounge Space In The Industrial Office

A working space doesn’t just have to be all work. Sometimes, it is good to have a comfy place in that part of your office. Create a studio that is relaxed and functional. You can place an executive desk in one corner and keep a lounge seat on the other end. This will be a place you can get comfortable and let your creative juices flow.

A Recreational Lounge Space In The Industrial Office

23. Use Your Creativity

Displaying some of your favorite items, beautiful things, and a family heirloom is a great way for your space. Let your raw personality shine through your industrial decor. To go with the theme, you can add some old enamel pins, old school room charts, big maps, travel posters, black and white photographs, or any of your personal treasures.

A Recreational Lounge Space In The Industrial Office

24. Handcrafted Floors

Concrete and hardwood are two flooring options that you can look for in your Industrial office. They look great and add character to your space. You can use natural, reclaimed wood to add warmth to your contemporary industrial design giving a contrast to the other metallic elements. It is a bold statement for your office space without taking away the focus from other components.

Handcrafted Floors industrial office

25. Choose An Electic Theme

You can choose an interesting theme to decorate your Industrial office. For instance, for all you petrolheads, you can repurpose car tyers to hold up your table and use the tail of a car to create some cool seating. Not only that, you could choose a superhero theme that is very popular in Industrial decors.

Choose An Electic Theme


It is fairly easy to give your home office and Industrial office a look. All you really need is some raw and elemental pieces to achieve the look. Metal and wood are your best friends when decorating the office. Keeping it edgy and natural is the best way to achieve this kind of home decor. As for the color shades, opt for darker shades with a hint of white. The Industrial office decor is fun and gives your space a lot of character.

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