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Revealed: The Cost to Build a Covered Patio Attached to a House

Patios are great places for friends and family gatherings or as a shaded place to get some air. Patio prices can significantly vary, depending on the elements you want included in the build. So, what is the cost to build a covered patio attached to a house?

In this article, we covered everything. Continue reading to find out the estimated costs of your next addition to the yard!

What Is the Cost to Build a Covered Patio Attached to a House?

If you are looking to build a covered patio attached to your house, you must consider multiple factors that determine the total price of the building. Factors determining the price can be the patio size, material, the cover, whether the patio will have a complex shape, etc.

You can find patios in different forms: some attached, some not, others as simple as a table with an umbrella, while some may take the form of a small building. Therefore, these factors will play a significant role in what price you can expect.

Cost of material for flooring

Diverse building materials will have different styles and prices. You can expect ranges from $4 per square foot to $35 per square foot. Prices to expect for patio flooring material per square foot might be:

  • Concrete ($8 – $15 per sq. ft.)
  • Brick ($8 – $30 per sq. ft.)
  • Stone ($15 – $35 per sq. ft.)
  • Pavers ($5 – $20 per sq. ft.)
  • Gravel ($4 – $12 per sq. ft.)

Moreover, various types of flooring come with their advantages and disadvantages. Some options offer tangible benefits, while others might be a better match for your home’s aesthetic.

Plus, consider that pricing can fluctuate, and the cost of materials may vary significantly from one region to another. You may be faced with an additional $10 – $20 per square foot if you are looking to hire professionals or contractors to build the patio.

Cost of covers

How much does a patio cover cost per square foot? You first must choose what cover style you want to know the exact price. There are multiple ways to cover your patio: modern styles, often pricier, and traditional options, typically more budget-friendly. So, covering your patio may cost a lot; you better choose wisely.

Considering the variety of options available, including different materials and styles, homeowners are increasingly exploring innovative solutions such as Alumawood patio covers. These covers, known for their durability and low maintenance, offer a stylish alternative that complements various architectural designs. Incorporating an Alumawood patio cover into your project not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for your covered patio needs.

When evaluating the overall cost, it’s essential to weigh the benefits of materials like Alumawood against traditional options. Alumawood patio covers, in particular, stand out as a versatile and aesthetically pleasing choice, making them a compelling consideration for those seeking a durable and visually appealing addition to their homes. As with any construction project, thorough research and careful decision-making are crucial to achieving a covered patio that aligns with both your preferences and budget.

Louvered pergolas

Louvered pergolas are currently the most popular option for a patio cover. They offer modern features with a slick design. They grant the ability to have sunlight come through or to have a fully covered patio.

As mentioned above, modern usually means more expensive, and louvered pergolas are no exception. The average price to fetch louvered pergolas is between $50 – $100 per square foot. This price depends on the pergola’s design, material, or motorized versus manual features.

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One way to cut down on building expenses for an attached patio is a canopy. They can be attached via poles or directly to the house. However, as they are composed of a cloth-like material, which is not highly sun-protective, they may not be appealing to some. They fetch a price of around $100 – $500, and the installation price is not included.


The main difference between a canopy and an awning is that an awning usually retracts completely, while canopies are static. Awnings are made of similar building materials to canopies, usually cloth-like, though they can be made from wood and metal. You can expect costs between $1,400 and $4,200. The difference between the prices is the retractability or material used.

Shed or gable roof

Shed and gable roofs are permanent structures that can cover a patio. They usually offer excellent sun and water protection but cost more than a canopy or an awning.

The building materials for these roofing options can vary from wood, metal, or the same material used in your roof. A price to expect for such a roof is between $1,400 on the low end and $13,000 on the high end.

Cost of additional features and accessories

There are many elements that you should consider to fully complete a patio build. You may want a fire pit, hot tub, lighting, furniture, etc. The possibilities are endless when decorating a patio, so you could spend thousands of dollars.

Fire pit

A fire pit is the best way to make a patio cozy. It is a great addition that will add value to your patio. Depending on the size and material, a fire pit can set you back between $300 and $2,000.

Hot tub

A hot tub is sure to impress everyone who is going to visit your home. As fun as hot tubs may be, they are usually very pricey. The price you can expect for a hot tub is between $4,000 – $15,000, mainly depending on the size and features of the jacuzzi.


Lighting is an important feature to set the ambiance on your patio. Lighting features can cost, on average, around $100 per fixture. Now, depending on the patio size you want, the cost may add up quickly.

Other ways of lighting up a patio are using LED lights, which may cost a fortune. Also, you can try string lights, which cost around $50 to $150 per feature.


Furniture for a patio is one of the features that can vary in price. All furniture could be covered for just $100, or it could take you a few thousand dollars. So, consider whether you’d like a sofa or just a table with chairs, the furniture’s size, a smart TV, etc. These additions can enhance your experience but may also be substantial investments.

Cost of permits

Something to consider when building a patio attached to your home is if you need permits for it. Stuff like poured concrete, pavers, flagstones, and retaining walls may require a permit.

The permits you may need to have are a zoning permit, a building permit, and a stormwater permit. If you are unsure what you need, ask your contractor if you have one, or to be safe, contact the local municipality.

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What Are the Perks of a Covered Patio?

Entertainment spot

A great spot to hold family and friend gatherings is a patio. If you have a patio equipped with proper kitchenware, a barbecue, and a TV, you might have the perfect place to hang out with people.

Outdoor living area

The best way to be outdoors and still not fully exposed to weather elements is with a covered patio. A great place to chill, take in some air, or do your work in a cozy but practical environment.

Increased property value

Apart from the more apparent benefits of a patio, a great way to increase the value of your home is with a patio. According to Forbes, a patio could increase the price of your home by up to $25,000. This estimation may be incorrect as every patio and house combination is different. Nonetheless, the added value to your house from a patio might be significant.


A patio can be an excellent addition for home improvement and to make a regular house feel like a cozy home. Although the cost to build a covered patio attached to a house may be substantial, the investment is well justified.

A perfect outdoor environment is attached directly to your house for easy and practical access. Plus, it is a great place for gatherings and activities concerning family and friends.


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