5 Tips for Creating a Clutter-Free Environment at Home

5 Tips for Creating a Clutter-Free Environment at Home

Back in the day, there were only two things in life that were certain: death, and taxes. With our modern lifestyles, filled with fast-paced living, there is another thing that can be added to the list of certainties – clutter.

Clutter seems to accumulate in the blink of an eye, particularly if you have children in the house – especially pre-teens and teens! For sentimental items like art projects to “not used but not broken either” items, the clutter will take over if you are not careful.

To prevent clutter in your house, there are simple rules that must be followed. Read on below for five tips to take control of the clutter before it takes control of your home:

Identify Your Drop Zone

Identify Your Drop Zone

To help keep your mess to a minimum, it is important to identify your family’s preferred Drop Zone.

That is the spot that everyone seems to gravitate towards to offload their clutter. This place will likely include items such as hair scrunchies, pens, batteries, plastic items, and other junk.

Once you know where this spot is in your home, you can work towards containing it.

Avoid Impulse Buys

Impulse buys often turn into clutter faster than we realize.

Try to not give in to the temptation to buy something you do not need when trying out the modern boho décor style. That will be tough for some people because social media does not do us any favors when it comes to enabling a fast checkout.

By reducing the number of unplanned purchases that you make, you can keep your home free from clutter for longer. Late-night television is another prime place to avoid to help keep those needless purchases down to a minimum.

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Store your belongings wisely.

Keep the daily-use items in a place that is easy to access, and the things you use less often can get stored in an attic or an external storage rental space like Centron Self Storage.

If you store your items externally, ensure they get boxed properly – to keep them safe and sound in their new off-site home. That will free up space in your home and keep a handle on the clutter that would otherwise be inevitable.

Have A Place for Everything

The only way to minimize clutter in your home is to give every item a designated location. There are hundreds of home storage options available online, including cute baskets and caddies.

Have A Place for Everything

By giving everything a home, you can help to keep surfaces clean and tidy. Clutter typically accumulates over time – so provided your Drop Zone is clear, the rest of the house should stay clutter-free.

Daily Habits

Cleanliness does not come naturally to everyone, and, somehow, the neatest and the messiest people usually get married.

After you have gone through the four tips above and cleared the clutter, the final step is maintaining that.

Create good habits that help to keep your home clean, such as making your bed every morning, sorting laundry as soon as possible, opening mail immediately, and always packing everything back where it belongs.

To End

Keeping your home clean and tidy, free from dust-gathering clutter, will help keep you and your family healthy and happy. Living in a clutter-free environment has been shown to improve the focus, mood, and attitude of children and adults.

So, if you have not already started tidying up after reading this – what are you waiting for?


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