Important Factors to Evaluate Before Purchasing a Recliner

Important Factors to Evaluate Before Purchasing a Recliner

Everyone’s life can be stressful due to the physical demands of work, parenting, household chores, and more. After powering all these daily responsibilities, having a comfortable place to unwind at home is invaluable. Rather than an average sofa, consider splurging on plush living room recliners.

Recliners have been a popular choice for lounging, thanks to their unbeatable comfort. A recliner sofa with massage or rocking features can relieve back pain, improve circulation, boost relaxation, and enhance your overall well-being. There’s nothing better after a long day than putting your feet up in a soft, supportive recliner to melt away the stress. This classic living room piece not only feels great but can actively improve your health and quality of life. Treat yourself to the restorative power of reclining armchairs and sofas.

Investing in a recliner sofa is a big purchase that requires time to find the ideal one. If you want a recliner that offers both comfort and style to enhance your living room or bedroom, read our article to find the perfect recliner without sacrificing your budget or preferences.

Size Matters

One of the most important considerations is getting the right size recliner to fit both your body and the room. Take measurements of the space you have, including the width, height, and clearance needed for reclining. Think about the doorways and hallways to ensure easy manoeuvrability into the room. When seated, you’ll want at least 2 inches of clearance between the edge of the recliner and your knees to avoid feeling cramped. It’s also crucial to consider your height; you want your shoulders and head to rest comfortably on the back with your feet able to lay flat when fully reclined.

Comfort Features

Today’s recliners offer ergonomic comfort features to look for, including adjustable lumbar support, headrests, and padded armrests. Lumbar support helps minimise lower back pain and strain, while adjustable options allow for a customised and comfortable placement. Headrests reduce neck strain. Wide armrests enhance the overall comfort and make it easier to stand up from a seated position. Some also swivel to make getting in and out of the chair easier. Memory foam cushioning and pillowtop armrests add extra cosiness.

Reclining Positions

Standard reclining chairs have two positions – upright and fully reclined. Look for more flexible options with customisable reclining angles so you can find the most comfortable settings for reading or watching TV. This also helps avoid partially reclined positions that can strain your body. Infinite-position recliners allow for precision adjustment, while power options make it easy to switch positions with the click of a button.

Manual vs. Power Mode

Power recliners use an electric motor to recline and lift the chair. These are preferred by those who value easy adjustability and have mobility issues that make it difficult to recline manually. Manual versions require pushing the chair back by hand but are generally more affordable. Make sure to test out manual recliners to ensure the mechanism is smooth and easy for you to operate.

Material Considerations

Fabric and leather are the main recliner material choices. Leather is more expensive, but it is extremely durable. Faux leather is cheaper but can peel over time. Fabric covers like microfiber are cosy, easy to clean, and come in many colours/patterns but they may not wear as well. Make sure the seat cushion is thick and dense for proper support and comfort. Recliners with exposed wood accents add a touch of style.

Extra Features

Many recliners offer convenient extras like storage pockets to keep remotes and books close by, USB ports to charge your devices, and cupholders for your favourite beverage. Even more advanced recliners feature built-in Bluetooth speakers for streaming music or podcasts, LED reading lamps for late-night relaxing, and retractable workstations to accomplish tasks from your living room throne. While purchasing, just be sure the mechanisms are pinch-free to avoid injuries from body parts getting caught.

Matching Your Décor

Look for recliners that coordinate well with your existing room décor. Neutral colours like brown, tan, and black are easiest to match, but bold colours like red can also work nicely. Those with eclectic styles can browse funky-themed prints to make a statement. Leather models add sophistication to formal spaces. Measure to ensure the recliner doesn’t overwhelm the room’s proportions.

The Bottom Line

The ideal recliner accommodates people of all sizes and shapes. Before purchasing, it’s crucial to test out recliners to ensure proper fit and comfort. Sit on display models at the furniture stores and check that your shoulders, back, and legs are fully supported. Lean back and make sure the incline mechanism provides the experience you want – some recline gently, and others feature more abrupt motion.

Verify that the model feels sturdy and supportive for your body weight when reclined. Trying before you buy allows you to assess the quality and ensure the recliner fits your proportions. Don’t compromise on comfort – the perfect recliner for you will provide custom support no matter your height, size, or prefered reclining motion.

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