Home Sauna Design Trends in the United States

Home Sauna Design Trends in the United States

When you love the pleasurable sensations of bathing in a luxurious sauna, it’s only natural to consider the idea of having one of your own at home, allowing you to fully embrace the spa lifestyle whenever you desire.

In this article, we’ll take an enticing look at some of the most popular home sauna designs, helping to feed your imagination when thinking about form and function, given that you should always aim to achieve the perfect unison of style and practicality.

Why Does Your Sauna Design Matter?

The key ingredients to home sauna design are finding the right balances between form and function, highlighted by the variety of sauna options available at the SaunaPlace.com online store for clients based in the US.

Ideally, alongside your new sauna looking visually great, there are also important practical considerations that will shape your design choices. For example, you might ask yourself whether an indoor or outdoor sauna best serves your needs and preferences. And there are pros and cons to either option.

Indoor saunas are superb for in-home convenience, but you’ll also need to think about the available space, and how much preparation will be needed for the installation. Saunas generate heat and moisture, so you will need to choose and prepare a suitable room. But popular locations inside homes include bathrooms and basements, spare rooms and even garages.

Outdoor saunas tend to provide more options when it comes to size and placement, given they can be located almost anywhere in a backyard or garden, so long as you have a solid base upon which to build. But you should also consider your own usage preferences and the changing weather conditions outside, as these are factors that may also shape your design choices.

What Kinds of Home Saunas Are Trending?

Right now across the United States, the design trends for home saunas are mostly shaped by individual preferences. After all, we all have our own ideals regarding what makes the perfect sauna bathing experience according to the North American Sauna Society, beyond the acknowledged health and wellness benefits that most of us will seek.

Convenient Indoor Assembly and Usage

For inside the home, prebuilt indoor saunas have quickly become one of the most popular choices, largely due to their affordability and easy-to-assemble design. Using prefabricated panels and components, indoor sauna kits can be up and running in a matter of hours, including units that are completely freestanding and require minimal room preparation.

Home Sauna Design Trends in the United States

One great example is the Cedro prebuilt sauna design, based on a modular cabinet style that comes in a wide range of sizes, from smaller 5’ x 7’ units to 12’ x12’ for larger spaces. These kits are made from Grade-A kiln-dried Western Red Cedar for maximum durability, combining the beautiful appearance with practical functionality.

Blissful Enjoyment of the Great Outdoors

While many sauna designs are often square and rectangular in shape, the curvaceous and cozy appeal of barrel saunas has really captured the imagination of Americans, making them one of the most highly desirable styles of outdoor saunas. There’s also a great practical reason for the design, as heat and steam will fill the interior much quicker than with squared saunas.

Home Sauna Design Trends in the United States

Although the barrel sauna style has been around for generations, Thermory in the USA has mastered the art of combining traditionally appealing looks with the latest technologies, using thermally modified Nordic spruce for construction. The thicker staves also make this brand a popular choice, built for superior heat retention and weather resistance in all climates.

Sauna Designs for Every Home and Preference

Some of the designs we have featured will undoubtedly fuel your imagination, especially if you’re thinking about investing in a home sauna. But in the United States alone, there are countless options available from a variety of established and reputable suppliers, meaning that you really can find the sauna of your dreams.

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