Casual for Life


I’m going to go ahead and say, right off the bat, I don’t know if my decision to wear this dress straight out of the bag was a good one.  I think a steamer would’ve done wonders for the situation.  But I pulled it out, I thought to myself “AMAZING!  It’s one of those pieces that’s MEANT to look like you just rolled out of bed!!!!” and then I proceeded to wear it.  In hindsight, I think it IS meant to look relaxed and casual, but maybe just a little LESS so.  Eh!  What’re you gonna do.  I still love it.  It’s the kind of dress I’ll throw on until one day it looks like a scrap of fabric I found at a thrift store.  I’ll layer jackets with it, belt it, wear skinny jeans under it, mix it up with booties, hats and tall boots.  There are so many possibilities, and all of them allow for eating lots of burritos with no one the wiser.  HA!  I’m just promising myself right now that next time I’ll at least pretend to have run an iron over it. xx -Sarah  {ps- I cannot stop wearing those shoes- they go with EVERYTHING and are so comfortable!!!!! I may be in need of an intervention!}

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Tropical Getaway Musts


Happy Tuesday!  It’s an especially happy one for me because I leave for FIJI tonight!!!!!  I’m so excited to meet our retreat guests, to spend a week with dedicated focus on our health, to swim in the South Pacific, and to share it with all of you here and on my Instagram! (@sarahyatesmora)  I’m hopeful that lots of you have vacations on the horizon for the winter months, so I’ve put together a selection of the things that always travel with me on these sorts of adventures to help you in packing for your own!  I prepared posts for while I’m away and will be updating from Fiji as well, so looking forward to lots of goodness to come these next couple of weeks!  Shop all of the above and some other items on my wishlist below!  xx- Sarah


Denim Set Daydreams

Hi friends!  I spotted this denim set and thought- I WILL MAKE YOU MINE!!  It was a love at first sight situation and I scooped it right up.  I’ll wear it casually, with sneakers.  I’ll dress it up with heals and wear it to meetings, or brunch.  I’ll wear the top with other high waisted pants and the bottoms with other crops.  It’s just an ideal situation, for a denim set, really.  And that’s really all I have to say about that.  More soon…. xx- Sarah

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denim_set_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-9 denim_set_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-15 denim_set_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-21

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White on White in Venice


Hi my friends, happy Monday!  We’ve been in LA since last Wednesday and I’ve already worn this outfit twice- which is basically a miracle because WHITE!!!!  And me, the clumsiest eater known to mankind + all of the incredible food in this town- you’d figure it’d be a stained mess by now.  BUT IT ISN’T!!!!  The clothing Gods are smiling down on me, they must be!!!  On top of all of that goodness, this outfit has all sorts of my new favorites- these shoes, that hat, that tank. They’ll be in heavy rotation so expect to see more of all of them, I’ll be styling them every which way I can.  More soon!  xx- Sarah   {Shop this Outfit:  jeans, tank, shoes, bralette (Cheap Monday- sold out), hat, bag, necklace, bracelets }

white_on_white_in_Venice_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-11 white_on_white_in_Venice_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-12 white_on_white_in_Venice_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-20

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Seriously, Endless Summer


Summer has no intentions of going ANYWHERE here in southern Ca.  I’ve become convinced that I’ll be tan in January this year.  Not the worst thing!!!  It means I get to stretch out my days of eating tons of fruit, wearing mini dresses, and spending lazy afternoons at the beach.  We arrived home yesterday and are headed out today to LA for a week!  After weeks in the mountains we’re looking forward to a good dose of urban.  And restaurants!!!!  I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this little get up at least once, possibly twice.  How cute is this dress?!  It’s so flattering, comfortable and cute- plus I’ll be able to style it so many ways.  Super happy with this find!  And Shopbop is having their friends + family sale (25% off EVERYTHING, even sale items!!)  It’s my favorite time for shopping for staples, splurge pieces and things I’ve been coveting but haven’t pulled the trigger on.  I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favorites below if you’re looking for a sale steal!  Ok, more soon!!!!  xx- Sarah

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free_people_dress__A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-9 free_people_dress__A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-1

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Winter Whites


Happy Monday my friends, hope you had a great weekend!  I was going through this slideshow on Harper’s Bazaar last night and stopped dead in my interwebbing tracks when I saw this look.  How incredibly chic and lovely, isn’t it?!  It also reminded me that my favorite season to wear white is just around the corner, and I want to make sure my winter white game is on point this year.   And that sent me tumbling down the online shopping rabbit holes in search of my favorite white pieces.  I’m sharing them below, saving you some reasearch time in case you too love winter whites and wanna spruce up the old wardrobe before all piggy bank money gets set aside for holiday presents!!  (I’m thinking ahead- that time is also creeping right up on us!!!)  Happy shopping!!  xx- Sarah