adios amigos, i’m off to tulum!

i’ve been plotting a little surprise for you all, which if you follow me on twitter you’ll have gotten a little hint of.  tomorrow i’m headed to mexico!  i’ve always wanted to check out tulum, so i’m pretty excited.  i’ll be photographing a wedding for birds of a feather and soaking up as much sun as possible in a week’s time. that’s the good news for me.  the good news for you is that while i’m gone i have the most amazing line up of guest bloggers! *pats self on back for actually being able to plan something more than two days in advance*  and they’re cooking up something special just for you. { HINT HINT } i can’t wait to share with you!  and then when i get back from tulum i’ll tell you all about our adventures!  so much goodness to look forward to.  ARRIVEDERCI!  xx- sarah

happy halloween!

bean decided to go understated this year….as a bored bookworm.  halloweens past after the jump!

bean’s first halloween 2006, she was 5 months old.  in case you can’t tell, she was a hula girl.

handmade spandex super hero costume, 2007.  classic bean.

this is my favorite year, she was her nemesis the neighborhood squirrel. 

bean, 2011, as a mummy.