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20 Unique Barn Door Ideas for Enhancing Home Decor

At first look, it may appear that barn door ideas are only found in rustic homes such as modern-day farmhouses. As a result, it isn’t easy to envisage barn doors being used anywhere else. However, there is more to these inner doors than meets the eye.

Barn door ideas are best to go for and more adaptable than regular doors, particularly in smaller residences. Because of their slide-and-close action, sliding barn doors maximize space more than regular doors. They are not only efficient in terms of space, but they are also visually appealing.

Having said that, listed here are some of the best barn door ideas for you to incorporate into your own home design!

1. Bedroom Barn Door Ideas That Saves Space

Bedroom Barn Door That Saves Space

Do you believe your bedroom is a little too small for a standard door? Instead, install a barn door. Barn doors, as an alternative, allow you to keep the privacy of your bedroom while adding no extra bulk. If a sliding door doesn’t fit with your existing space, think about both sides of your bedroom entry and let your imagination go wild. Perhaps you could add a barn door that would normally obscure a piece of wall art when opened.

2. Old-style Barn Doors

large door rustic barn door

Why not incorporate the rustic charm of a traditional barn door into your home with a farmhouse-style rustic door? Make your own door out of salvaged or reclaimed wood planks. Look for ones with a unique personality, such as flaws or old paint. If you can’t find any aged wood, you can manufacture your own out of wood from your local hardware shop and then apply a faux finish to make it look rustic and antique.

3. Wooden Chevron Barn Door

Wooden Chevron Barn Door

Chevron wood barn door ideas are a wonderful choice for those who prefer a more crisp and clean appearance. The origins of chevron designs can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece. You can find chevron barn doors in addition to chevron carpets and wallpaper. The wood panels are arranged in a V form to give the door a more refined appearance. Chevron wood barn doors also give the property a contemporary rustic feeling, making it feel like a comfortable and peaceful refuge. It is simple to combine with other chevron-themed furniture pieces or to make a statement on its own. In either case, the distinctive barn door style will provide visual interest to your room.

4. Colorful Barn Doors

why not paint your barn door in some bold shades like coral to make a colorful statement in the interior

Colorful barn doors can brighten up any room. Regardless of your interior and aesthetic style, the addition of a bright and brilliant barn door will undoubtedly improve the overall beauty of your home. Depending on your preferences, you can pattern the color of your barn doors to match your home’s decor. This will give your room a great pop of color and make it more unique than before.

5. Ideas for French Barn Doors

Emulate theLook of French Doors With French style Barn Doors

A set of French doors is made up of two smaller doors that function together as a pair. Instead of a standard wood center, they have separate glass panels. They swing apart from each other when they open, creating a big open doorway. The same idea applies to French barn doors.

Instead of one enormous and heavy door, you get two smaller and simpler-to-maneuver doors. Barn doors with industrial-style hardware may be the most popular feature in modern homes. These chic separators add a rustic touch to an otherwise conventional area.

6. Acquire a Non-Sliding Barn Door

barn door

When most people hear the term “barn door,” they imagine a traditional farmhouse door that slides back and forth. You may, however, have a barn door that does not slide if you wish to nod to the barn door trend without going all in. Keep the entrance as conventional as possible to ensure the reference lands. Look for a classic X shape, preferably constructed of solid wood.

7. Layering Different Wood Shades

Reading nook and cozy window seat hidden behind the barn door

If you leave your barn door unpainted, you may be tempted to match it to other wood features in your room. While this strategy is certain to make the area look more coherent, it is not your only option. You may create a rich, textured, and deliciously dynamic setting by staining your barn door a different tint than your hardwood floors or other wood furniture.

8. Keeping the Washing Machines Hidden.

Beautiful blue barn door that hides a washer and dryer

One of the most excellent things that barn doors can accomplish for your home is to effectively hide equipment that would otherwise make your area look cluttered. Appliances or less aesthetically pleasing items can help your indoor area look neater and more organized. For example, if you think your laundry machines are taking up too much space in the room, consider disguising them behind a gorgeous barn door. This sliding door gives you easy access to your home’s laundry room while remaining true to your area’s interior decor and curated look.

9. Glass Barn Door

black bathroom bard door with glass

Glasses adds a modern touch to barn doors. The elegance of glass barn doors lets in light and can help divide two adjoining rooms, such as a bedroom and bathroom. If lighting is your priority, you can use clear glass, which allows the lightest transmission. However, people commonly use doors to restrict access to a space. So, for the most part, you’ll want frosted glass on your barn doors. This style works nicely with modern doors with simple wood frames and wide glass panes.

10. White Barn Doors

custom made white barn door

White barn doors have a clean and traditional appearance. Barn doors can be made to fit with any design aesthetic. White is a hue that is both neutral and widely appealing. It is very simple to build modern, contemporary, or minimalist sliding barn doors with clean lines and minimum details using this kind. When installing white doors, balance the neutral aspect of the doors with dramatic hardware. Both black and gold door hardware look stunning. Use the same finish for the door handles, wheels, and track, whatever you decide.

11. Double Barn Doors

farm house double barn door

Double doors are similar to French doors in appearance. The primary distinction is the amount of glass in the doors. These are a great choice if you enjoy the elegance of french doors but require extra privacy. Double barn doors might conceal your laundry room or a hall closet entrance. They can also be used to conceal your home office. All of these parts of the home are prone to be disorganized. A typical barn door allows you to close it and hide the mess.

When you have twin doors, you have more leeway in terms of design. A conventional strategy is to have each door’s design mirror the other so they look exactly the same.

12. Barn Doors With A Modern Touch

large double modern barn door

The adoption of geometric patterns is a trademark of modern interior design trends. These designs can be painted on the door or incorporated into the door’s design with trim. In either case, you’ll notice diagonal lines, pentagons, hexagons, squares, and triangles.

Another distinguishing feature of modern design is the embracing of inventive and original solutions that mix style and utility. For example, this could be a chalkboard barn door in the kitchen. You now have a huge and practical area for writing your grocery list or recipes. Consider putting a little barn door as a dog entrance as well.

They are significantly lighter and more durable. This allows you to make doors that are substantially larger while remaining movable.

13. Bathroom Barn Doors

diy master bathroom barn door

Solid barn doors are ideal for bathrooms. You may put one in your master bedroom to provide privacy or may even use one in your hallway as a guest bathroom. . One thing to remember about your bathroom barn door is that it must be functioning on both sides. This does not imply that a handle is required, but there should be something to grip onto. The door should also move smoothly.

14. Closet Barn Door Designs

boho chic room closet barn door

A closet is an ideal location for a barn door. A single closet door can be used for smaller closet openings and two for larger openings. For complete functionality, you could even utilize four narrow panels. This works great when your closet opening is large, but there isn’t a lot of space on each side of the closet. When creating your closet barn doors, consider foregoing the glass and instead choosing wood. Install a mirror on the face of your wooden barn door for an easy way to inspect your outfit.

15. Distressed Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Doors

You should select a distressed sliding barn door for your living room for numerous reasons. Maybe you want a rustic vibe, or maybe you like the way it looks. Distressed barn doors, in either case, may offer a lot of character to your space.

Barn doors already have a rustic aspect, so distressing them would further enhance that impact. However, this is the way to go if you want your living area to have an old-fashioned atmosphere.

16. Sliding Shiplap Barn Doors

Simple With a Classic Walnut Barn Door

There are several varieties of barn doors, but the shiplap sliding barn door is one of the most popular and architecturally pleasing options. Shiplap barn doors are built of overlapping boards that give them a unique, rustic appearance. They can be left unfinished or stained to fit your existing decor. Sliding barn doors are an excellent way to add flair to your home while conserving space and may be utilized in both traditional and modern homes.

17. Red Sliding Barn Door

Red Sliding Barn Door

There’s nothing quite like a sliding barn door to give your house a bit of rustic appeal. A crimson sliding barn door is an excellent choice if you want to make a bold statement with your barn door.

A red sliding barn door is the way to go if you want to make your living room stand out. A red barn door will not only provide a splash of color to your room, but it will also help to create an appealing and pleasant atmosphere. Choose a red barn door with glass panels to make a bold statement.

18. Blue-Toned Glass To Add a Splash of Color

Blue-Toned Glass To Add a Splash of Color

Blue is a color that goes well with almost any tone, whether warm or chilly. A frosty blue-toned glass door is one way to make use of blue’s adaptability without substantially altering your room.

Its simple form allows it to fit into almost any room. Furthermore, installing a frosted glass barn door will allow you to enjoy the beauty of glass without sacrificing seclusion.

19. The Benefits of a Chalkboard Barn Door

Chalkboard Barn Door

If you have a hectic schedule, you probably have to-do lists or sticky notes all over the place. Even so, remembering everything you need to do for the day or week can be difficult. A chalkboard barn door is one of the best ways to solve this problem. Because you must view it before leaving the room, you can write anything on it without forgetting.

If to-do lists aren’t your thing, you may create some creative chalk art instead, which can even add to the aesthetic of your room.

20. Diagonal Gray Barn Door for a Subtle Modern Look

gray brown door

Dark colors are frequently employed in modern interior design, whether as an accent for contrast or throughout the space. As a result, there are many modern barn door ideas and options available in various dark color schemes.

If you want to soften the sharp contrast of black in this situation, you could add a dark gray door to the space. Additionally, because it is neutral, it goes with just about anything. Finally, you may match your existing decor with this modest modern door’s distinctive diagonally faced wood planks.


Due to its widespread use, barn doors are available in almost countless styles, ranging from a simple walnut door to more uncommon choices like a sunburst door. The range of possibilities means that you may also find modern barn door ideas or other solutions to suit your stylistic preferences.

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