A Simple Guide to Maximalist Interior Design 

A Simple Guide to Maximalist Interior Design 

Maximalism is making a bold comeback in the world of interior design, challenging the minimalist trend that has dominated for years. Where minimalism takes a “less is more” stance, maximalism takes on a “more is more” mindset. It’s bold, it’s bright, it’s busy. It’s a disturbance to interior design, but it works.


Serving as the cornerstone of maximalist interior design, wallpaper provides an opportunity to infuse spaces with rich textures and vibrant patterns.

Embrace bold, oversized prints, intricate designs and unconventional colour combinations to make a statement. Floral motifs, geometric patterns and even whimsical illustrations can be incorporated to create a visually striking backdrop.

When choosing wallpaper for maximalist spaces, you need to find a balance between patterns and colours. Mixing and matching different wallpapers can add depth and interest to a room, but it’s important to ensure that they fit together seamlessly.

Consider wallpapers with a common colour palette or theme to tie the patterns together.


Maximalist furniture goes beyond functionality; it’s a celebration of comfort and design.

Choose furniture pieces that are bold in both shape and colour, combining distinctive styles and even eras to create an eclectic, yet cohesive, look.

Consider layering furniture with rich fabrics such as velvet, brocade or even faux fur to add a tactile dimension to your room. Pick furniture with intricate carvings, gilded finishes and unexpected shapes to add to the aesthetic. The key is to stand out while contributing to the overall visual appeal and interest.


You may not think it, but flooring is another canvas for self-expression. With a wide range of eye-catching patterns, vibrant colours and luxurious materials, you can truly make a statement that matches the rest of your home.

For a maximalist approach to flooring, consider mixing patterns and textures. Pair a bold and bright rug with parquet flooring such as Versailles or even herringbone; embracing the beauty of their patterns. Consider layering several rugs across your floor, mixing and matching different designs together to create a dramatic and characteristic space.


Your light fixtures aren’t solely functional, they should command attention as art pieces throughout your home. Use chandeliers with intricate details, oversized pendant lights and sculptural floor lamps across your room to act as focal points.

You could even experiment with a mix of lighting styles, incorporating both daring statement pieces and more subtle, ambient lighting. The interplay between light sources can create a dynamic and visually stimulating atmosphere, which will further contribute to the maximalist aesthetic.


The final additions of any design are typically the accessories and decorations you use. In the case of maximalism, these bring your interior to life. Truly immerse your space in the concept of “more is more”; think vibrant throw pillows covering a sofa, intricate wall art gathered across one wall and a miscellaneous mix of collectables dotted about.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with unconventional arrangements and diverse materials. Maximalist interior design encourages you to break the rules of traditional design. However, you should take care to not confuse maximalism with hoarding; it’s purposefully placed and chosen items, not chaos.

These few steps are a way for you to get your first foot into maximalism. So, remember to channel your personality by bringing your love for animal print, loud colours, wacky furniture, strange ornaments and shaggy rugs, and you’ll be able to create a visually pleasing room within your home.

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