4 Wellness Design Tips for a Happy Home

4 Wellness Design Tips for a Happy Home

Our home is our refuge: a space where we can escape the stresses of day-to-day life and nourish ourselves mind, body, and soul. Our interior design therefore should maximise our sense of safety and security and promote our physical and mental wellbeing. Use these wellness design tips for a happy home environment that will keep you feeling perfectly peaceful.

Change your colour schemes

Did you know that colour has the power to influence your mood and trigger certain emotions?

If you find yourself feeling anxious in your home or struggle to sleep well at night, it might be influenced by your colour scheme. Particularly in rooms where you want to feel restful, such as the bedroom or living room, opt for calming hues. Neutral tones contribute to a relaxed mind and mood while blues and greens instil a sense of serenity as we associate these shades with nature. You could also opt for warmer tones for cosiness. Avoid very vibrant colours as these are hyper-stimulating.

Improve your lighting

When you first move into a property, the lighting is usually limited to standard overhead bulbs. This is especially true if you have chosen to invest in a new build house or flat, or you are a first-time buyer with little to no furnishings of your own. Overhead lighting is effective but can be harsh and may leave you feeling alert and stressed.

Establishing layered lighting in key rooms using lamps, dimmer switches and even a fireplace will generate a softer glow and inspire a peaceful atmosphere.

Upgrade your bathroom

For many, the bathroom has become an essential sanctuary in the home. This is because it is a private refuge where you can enjoy the luxury of alone time and indulge in soothing holistic selfcare.

Given that this is your main environment for grooming and pampering, upgrading your bathroom will go a long way towards helping you to embrace wellness in the home. Major renovations might include adding a bath or a special dressing table. If you have the space, introduce a seating area for the ultimate indulgence.

On a more simple level, calming aromatic candles and oils work wonders to exude an opulent mood.

Create a reading nook

Reading has many benefits for our mental health. The action of reading can rapidly reduce stress because it quickly lowers the heart rate and eases tension in muscles. It is also a mental escape from reality which can help to ground us when our feelings threaten to spiral out of control.

If you are one of the many people who struggles to sit down and concentrate on a book at home, consider creating a reading nook. Having a dedicated space for reading will help to motivate you to do this more often and keep you focused for longer periods of time. Make sure the area is quiet and comfortable: window seats are a favourite spot, or you can invest in a soft and supportive armchair.

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