How to Minimize Harsh Light in Your Home

How to Minimize Harsh Light in Your Home

One of the biggest architectural trends worldwide is contemporary glass houses. The defining feature of these homes is massive blocks of windows installed to act like walls and create a sense of transparency. Its primary purpose was to open up space and provide access to the view outsides. Unsurprisingly, it also led to the increased presence of intense outdoor lighting inside the house.

Although not all homeowners live in glass houses with towering windows, having harsh light indoors is still an issue that many should be concerned about. Apart from causing uncomfortable glares, it can expose you and your family to a handful of light-induced conditions, such as migraines, dry eyes, and vertigo. If you want to know how to avoid these, here are a few ways to reduce harsh light in your home.

Window films

Window films are a convenient way to reduce harsh outdoor lighting from reaching inside without significantly altering your window treatment. These filters are a thin laminate coating that you can easily install on your windows, which reduces the sun’s impacts, such as heat, glare, and UV damage. Depending on your preference, you can get them with a certain level of tint to further minimize light.

Curtain liners

Curtain liners are additional drapes attached to the back of curtains. They add another layer of heat insulation and light reduction properties to your curtains, as they create extra shade but still allow a certain amount of light to pass through. They’re also a fun way to liven up your curtains since you can choose a complimentary pattern for your liners.

Blackout blinds

Blackout blinds are made from thick fabric designed to fully block out light from passing through. These are commonly used for privacy or in countries where it doesn’t get dark at night, as they will fully engulf a room in darkness. These would be great for certain areas in the house to create contrast and bring balance to an otherwise over-brightened room.

Extended awning

An extended awning, also known as an overhang, is a supplemental cover attached to the outside of the house on windows or doors. It acts just like a roof, providing extra shade from the sun’s heat and intense light. Although its purpose is mostly to protect from outside elements, many homeowners also use it as decor for the exterior of their houses.

How to further protect yourself from harsh light indoors

Prescription sunglasses

Some people are much more sensitive to light than others, such as those afflicted with photophobia. In cases like these, it’s actually common to wear shades indoors. For those who need eye protection throughout the day, you can opt for prescription sunglasses.

These will cover your vision needs while providing 100% UV protection. Adding a polarized coating will reduce the occurrences of light glares, which cause squinting and eye discomfort. By wearing prescription sunglasses indoors, you can protect your eyes from the adverse effects of harsh lighting.

UV Visor

Although natural light is beneficial for productivity, for triggering alertness and boosting mood, too much exposure can lead to painful eye conditions such as photokeratitis and macular degeneration.

In order to prevent these from happening, you can shield your eyes with a UV visor. Wearing a UV visor will protect your eyes and the surrounding area from overexposure to the sun. As an added benefit, a visor’s shade can block the aging effects of the sun on the skin.

Eye drops

Harsh light from both the sun and artificial sources can lead to the development of dry eyes. This causes a burning or stinging sensation in the eyes and often leads to temporary blurred vision.

As a solution, you can use eye drops to bring some moisture back into your eyes. Specifically, eye drops with hyaluronic acid can promote the production of tears, lowering the chances of repeated irritation. With the help of eye drops, you can reverse the harmful effects of dry eyes caused by harsh light and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

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