Best Shelving Ideas for More Storage

25 Most Creative Shelving Ideas For More Storage

Are your things well-placed at home? Do you get annoyed when you see your belongings strewn about? Do you feel you need more space? Managing space efficiently is crucial. But what’s more important is how you do it. Shelving ideas is essential to abide by for the efficient move, however, can be a challenging task to achieve.

But if done smartly and correctly, it can be such a blessing! Imagine entering your home and finding everything organized and kept where they’re supposed to be. Listing down below the 25 best shelving ideas that can create more space for storage:

1. Floating Shelving Ideas

floating shelfff

Floating shelves serve as a convenient storage option, especially for your kitchen. You can keep the utensils, cookbooks, and all the other things you want on these shelves. However, these shelves are fixed, which means they cannot be moved. This is why it is highly recommended to think and plan before fixing floating shelves to the wall.

2. Dividing Shelving Ideas

divider shelf

Shelf dividers are a simple yet brilliant idea for storing items while organizing them. They are mostly meant for bedrooms or living rooms. If you have a small living space, you can always use these shelf dividers to separate your bedroom and living room.

3. Butcher Block Shelves

butcher block shelves

The limited availability of space on the countertop surface in the kitchen makes cooking look like a troublesome task. It may kill your overall enthusiasm to cook because none of us like our ingredients falling off the top, do we? This is where butcher blocks come to the rescue. You can attach the butcher blocks at different levels. It’s so easy that you can try this DIY activity and get the extra space you need for storage.

4. Recessed Shelving Ideas

recessed shelf

If you are not pleased with the idea of floating shelves, recessed shelving is what you can opt for. Unlike floating shelves, recessed shelves stick out from the walls and fit into the walls. The front portion of the shelf remains in alignment with the wall.

Recessed shelves are commonly found in restrooms. That’s why they are also called shower shelves. If you are a clumsy person and worried about bumping your head into floating shelves, recessed shelving is undoubtedly one of the most popular shelving ideas.

5. Bookshelves

book shelf

Built-in bookcases, or “bookshelves,” as we usually call them, are a go-to option for most people. Bookshelves, no matter how common they are, add a classic look to your room and make it more visually appealing. The best part about bookcases is that they are not solely meant for books; you can keep your other things too!

6. Baskets


For people who barely manage to steal time from work to put into cleaning the house, their love for baskets is unparalleled. Suppose there are guests coming over suddenly and you do not have enough space to store everything quickly. You simply throw everything your hands can pick into the basket. They only occupy a little corner of your home and make it look neat.

7. Tiered Shelving Ideas

tiered shelf

Tiered shelving is one of the most basic and literal shelving ideas. You need not do the shelving on the walls; it can simply be kept somewhere in the room and it still can make the room look visually appealing.

8. Under-The-Stairs Shelving Ideas

under the stairs

Keeping your things under the stairs is a creative way to put them away in a secure manner. It gives a smart furniture look and can be very handy. Ensure not to install any cupboards beneath the stairs because they may look awkward. But stacking shelves or a drawer-like finish wouldn’t do harm to the overall look.

9. Shelving On The Windows

window shelf

Windows are a source of natural light that illuminates the darkest areas of the house. This makes the house look bigger. However, windows can sometimes take up space that could otherwise be used for storage. Hence, you can consider placing racks or hanging shelves on the windows to make essential daily utensils or pots easily accessible.

10. Hidden Drawers Shelving Ideas

hidden drawer

When you fall short on worksurface or countertop space, it can seem fussy. It could be that your table is mostly occupied by the printer or that files are lying around beside your laptop. With hidden drawers, this could be taken care of. Hidden drawers can be designed in internal parts of the cupboard to store confidential papers or in some parts of the furniture to store items that you may not use on a daily basis.

11. Suspended Shelves

suspended shelves

Suspended shelves are more concerned with aesthetics than utility. But they can store some of your things. As unique as they are, they are not attached to the walls. Rather, they hang from the ceiling. If you don’t have kids at home, suspended shelves will look amazing.

12. Raised Platforms

raised platform

A raised platform can conveniently be added in a room or in a part of the room if the ceiling is high enough. A raised platform can be used to store all those big or heavy things that are rarely needed but are important. For example, you can keep suitcases, additional mattresses, sweaters, and other winter wear.

13. Circular Shelves

circular shelves

Circular shelving units are a fantastic way to keep things organized and make the room look pretty at the same time. The extravagance of circular shelving units can be put to good use by keeping books or little flower pots on them. However, they allow minimal space but can serve as a nice option when you’re doing the house.

14. Open Shelves

open shelves

Attaching open shelves to the wall can be extremely functional. It is similar to a floating shelf, but they’re not the same. Open shelves work wonders for small kitchens. It can hold heavy pots and utensils.

15. Incremental Storage

incremental storage

Little add-ons are a boon to the house. There are so many small things one would like to keep, but ultimately they’re scattered all over the place. Since they are small, they go missing often. Hence, additional add-ons like a little shelf or a mini-drawer-like structure for keeping them safe are needed.

16. Rail Shelf

rail shelves

If your home was built traditionally, a rail shelf will complement your interior design. Rails not only act as little details on the edges of the shelves, but they also prevent things from falling off them. Nonetheless, they receive high marks for aesthetic appeal.

17. Photo Ledges

photo ledges

Photo ledges are smaller versions of floating shelves. The surface area of a photo ledge is immensely smaller. It can only hold a photo frame, but if used in the right way at the right spot, it can look so good! You can also keep little things beside the frame to make it attractive.

18. Convertible Furniture

convertible furnitures

Planning to stack items in a single piece of furniture is one of the most efficient shelving ideas, but it is not the only one. Convertible furniture saves space and allows you to group so many things together that it’ll make your room look pleasing. They are pretty adjustable and can even serve as a seating option.

19. Crescent Moon Shelves

Crescent Moon Shelves

Crescent moon shelves are a designer way to store your books, pots, and other little things. They add an essence of exclusivity to your room. But if you want your shelf to hold on to more things, then some other shelf ideas would be better. If you can carry the bold look these crescent moon shelves provide, there’s nothing like it!

20. Pegged Board Wall

pegged board wall

If you are adventurous by nature and can do some experimenting with your home design, a pegboard wall will do you good. Pegboard walls definitely bring out the most unique shelving ideas, but if you can pull them off well, your home will appear heavenly. They account for more adjustable storage and give off a cheery vibe.

21. Stagger Shelf

staggered shelf

The Stagger shelves are known for their uniform look. Such kind of shelves provide their users with a boxy shelving unit that allows for the utilitarian storage of items of varying sizes. Among staggered shelves, ladder-style shelves blend wonderfully with the room’s interior. They get narrower as you move to their top and help the room feel light.

22. Pare Down Storage

pare down shelf

With limited spacing, you can still choose to make the best use of a pared-down storage system. It aids in assembling things in their individual units rather than combining them all in one. This storage style allows you to subdivide units to keep things organized and prevents overcrowding.

23. Long Shelf

long shelf

Long shelves are one of the simplest shelving ideas, but you know they are reliable. The shelves stretch from one corner of the room to the other, giving you sufficient space to store whatever you want. They are a basic but safe option.

24. Short Shelf

short shelf

In contrast to the long shelves, short shelves are recommended when you are not worried about storing a lot of heavy or large things together. Short shelves aren’t wide, but they can still provide room for a lot of small things.

25. Vertical Storage

verticle shelf

Assembling things vertically rather than in the usual horizontal manner may look smart and bring about a whole other level of convenience. You can declutter your room and use that precious little space to stock wires, slim baskets, chart papers, etc., behind the door or on the closet side.


The most creative shelving ideas happen when you are open to unique ideas and blends. Even if you go traditional, there are a lot of storage options that can be explored further. They will look great in any setting, whether simple or extravagant.

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