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15 Mid-Century Lighting Fixtures You Can’t Miss!

Are you looking for iconic mid-century lighting fixtures? Do you wish for lighting fixtures that will fascinate you with their colorfulness and versatility? Read this article to find out!

In terms of both style and functionality, the home lighting sector entered a new age in the 1960s and 1970s. The interior design underwent a complete transformation as a result of the war, a resurgence of interest in space, and a strong need for self-expression. The market’s design culture was influenced by geometric designs and fresh color palettes. It provides chances for producers and artists to collaborate to develop an iconic lineage of light sources.

If you like mid-century décor and home designs, you’ll love these lighting fixtures! Here they are:

1. Sputnik Chandelier

sputnik chandelier

The Sputnik Chandelier, named after a Cold War satellite, was created at a time when everyone was interested in space and science. Since its inception, numerous long-metal, atom-like chandeliers have been produced and installed in art galleries, fine dining establishments, and opulent residences.

If you are interested in science and space, you’ll love these mid-century-based lighting fixtures too!

2. Branch Chandelier

branch chandelier

Branch chandeliers began to appear on the market soon after Sputnik chandeliers first appeared. Creating these long metal poles with light bulbs pointing brightly in all directions was a difficult task for many designers. They are frequently hung above dining room tables nowadays and come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Numerous contemporary iterations of this traditional design are available today.

3. PH5 Pendant Lamp

ph5 pendant lamp

The PH5 pendant lamp is a Danish-made lighting design from the mid-century period that comes off as extremely unique. Poul Henningsen, an influential architect better known by his initials “PH,” was committed to developing a glare-free light source that nonetheless gave adequate illumination for a place. He created a multi-layered pendant light out of metal and porcelain as his galaxy design. Compared to other lamps from the mid-century era, his design has rounded corners that give it a softer appearance. If you desire a chic piece of lighting, the PH5 pendant light will be a great pick.

4. Arco Lamp

arco lamp

One of the first points of contact between industrial design and art was made by Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni for Flos with their classic Arco Lamp from the 1960s. Long and curled, it makes a sumptuous statement while illuminating the area most in need of illumination. Because of the way this lamp is designed, overhead lighting is provided without the hassle of ceiling wiring. This mid-century lighting fixture is the most flexible lamp you’ll find on the market today.

5. Wall Sconces and AJ Lamps

aj wall lamp

The SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, was the first establishment to feature AJ floor lights, table lamps, and wall sconces. The design of the rest of the hotel benefited greatly from these lamps. They look wonderful by the bed or in the hallway thanks to their steel construction, tilted shades, and built-in on/off switches.

These mid-century lighting fixtures come in a range of colors and finishes for your varied design requirements.

6. 3-Arm Ceiling Light

3 arm ceiling light

The elegant three-arm ceiling lamp was later hailed as a minimalist masterpiece. This sleek, understated design spreads light while elevating a room. This ceiling light’s simplicity allows it to go well with pieces of furniture and home décor from many different eras. It is simple to install.

To provide some variety for home or business spaces, the light’s product range includes two rotating arms, five-arm spider legs, a wall sconce, and even a single spinning curving arm.

7. Panthella Lamp

panthella lamp

Verner Panton’s creation, the Panthella table lamp, was introduced in the early 1970s, and it has been quite successful in the interior design industry. The circular, enjoyable splash it makes on your desk or living room surface is due to its mushroom-like shape. The 1971 design by Louis Poulsen is remarkably unique and is still available today in a variety of shapes, hues, and materials. This mid-century lightingmay go with a number of settings and aesthetics, from white acrylic to quirky orange to dark metallic.

8. Eye Shadow Lamp

eye shadow lamp

Eye Shadow is a handmade lamp by Marcel Wanders with embellished fabric. The PVC and viscose fabric’s composition confers a color brightness that is genuinely unique and priceless, and the jet ink printing adheres to both sides of the fabric flawlessly. These lamps are exclusive because they are limited edition. If you don’t want to miss out, order yours right away!

9. Artichoke Pendant Lighting

artichoke pendant lighting

Because it resembles an upside-down blooming artichoke, this mid-century lighting fixture was given that name. The original artichoke had 72 leaves, providing a pleasant contrast to harsh lighting that is ideal for a dining area. Because it resembles an upside-down blooming artichoke, this lamp was given that name. Henningsen first designed the Artichoke Pendant Light, another piece from the PH collection, for a restaurant in Copenhagen, the seaport capital of Denmark, in the late 1950s. The original artichoke had 72 leaves, providing a pleasant contrast to harsh lighting that is ideal for a dining area.

10. Saucer Bubble Pendant Lighting

saucer bubble pendant light

Introduced in 1952, the Bubble Lamp marked the beginning of a new fad of floating globe lights that eventually evolved into various sizes and designs. These translucent lights, which have a steel wire framework and a plastic polymer coating, give contemporary homes and eateries both form and function.

11. Pipistrello Lamp

pippestrello lamp

This is the most recognizable lighting fixture Italian architect Gae Aulenti ever made for the Martinelli Luce residence. It was designed in 1965. She developed the Pipistrello light, which features a stainless steel telescopic foot and a design inspired by a bat. She is one of the few women on the list. It immediately attracted global acclaim for its elegant appeal.

12. Stardust Floor Lamp

stardust floor lamp

The Stardust floor lamp has an enigmatic personality and a strong link to innovation. This floor lamp creates a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere at night with its smooth and elegant curves. Hence, this mid-century lighting gives a sophisticated appeal to your house.

13. Flowerpot Pendant Lighting

Flowerpot Pendant Lighting

The Flower Power movement of the 1960s gave rise to the lighting fixture known as the “flowerpot pendant light.” The collection, created by Verner Panton in 1968, had two table lamps and three pendant lights. Structurally, the dome and sphere of the light together resemble a flower. Because of its distinctive design, flowerpot pendant lighting has gained popularity today.

14. Twiggy Floor Lamp

twiggy floor lamp

This classic mid-century lighting fixture, which is an original Marc Sadler design, is distinguished by its curved linear form, beauty, and sophistication. This flexible lamp, designed as a fine arched line, diffuses its magical lighting mid-air.

15. Turn On the Lamp

turn on the lamp

The Turn On table lamp has a faceted, cylindrical metal base that serves as both the light’s dimmer switch and a base with a spherical opal glass diffuser. To turn on the LED light and change its brightness, turn the cylindrical base in a clockwise direction. Hence, the Turn On lamp is all about advanced lighting effects and simplicity.


Home décor trends come and go, but famous mid-century modern elements like these light fixtures are timeless. Mid-century lighting fixtures are the ones for you if you’re a fan of interior design and want to feel fashionable, modern, and sophisticated in your home.

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