Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

21 Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Creating your modern bathroom in style prevailing in the Mid-Centuries can give it a very sophisticated look. Conversely, you can upscale your bathroom using a mid-century aesthetic and its unique designs.

Back in the day, bathrooms were decorated with beautiful wall paintings and uniquely designed wooden fixtures. The vintage bathrooms showcased the clean finesse, natural elements, and organic prints gorgeously. So, if you are planning to re-vamp your bathroom, then you can consider these vintage designs as an inspiration.

You will certainly get a flair of retro touch in your modern bathroom if designed with mid-century-inspired ideas.

Mid-Century, Modern Bathroom Designs

The mid-century bathrooms embrace simplicity, display organic designs, and focus on unique features. To achieve a similar vibe, you can have a look at some of the best mid-century designs that are mentioned in this listicle.

1. Coastal-Inspired Design

Add an antique touch to your bathroom with a geometric style floor that resembles a coastal vibe. In addition, you can use floor tiles that are bold in color, mostly blue and white. This unique contrast can bring a striking effect to your modern bathroom.

coastal inspired design mid century modern bathroom

2. Wood Theme Decor

The wooden decor has an authentic, warm vibe that can revive your old and dull bathroom. In many parts of the world, people have been using wood for decor purposes religiously. In stylistic form, such a bathroom design can really be unique.

wood theme decor mid century modern bathroom

3. Be Playful With Colors

Vivid hues such as bright orange, crimson red, soulful white, and deep blue were used in mid-century bathrooms. We can add a little twist and use pastel colors like bubblegum pink, emerald green, or baby blue in bathrooms inspired by the retro color palette.

be playful with colors mid century modern bathroom

4. Bring In Some Light

(rephrase). Of course, you can go completely minimal and allow natural sunlight to steal the show. But if your aim is to invest in only a single thing, then installing good vintage lights can be a perfect addition to your modern bathroom.

bring in some light mid century modern bathroom

5. Play Around With Shapes And Sizes

Hang mirrors of different shapes and sizes to reflect diversity in mid-century designs. Use mirrors, washbasins, skylights, windows, and floor tiles of unique and distinct designs when decorating your bathroom with mid-century style.

play around with shapes and sizes mid century modern bathroom

6. Colorful Floor

Make your bathroom floor convincing by introducing colorful marble floors. Some colorful tiles inspired by retro style will look wonderful in the modern bathroom. The solid color tiles, neutral walls, and white bathtub are perfect for achieving a minimal look, similar to mid-century interior designs.

colorful floor mid century modern bathroom

7. Create Some Drama

You can make the Mid-Century-inspired modern bathroom dramatic by filling it with unique or eccentric designs. No wonder it is known as a vintage style, as it has been in use for a long  time. You can keep the traditional vibe alive by remodeling your bathroom after this style.

create some drama

8. Lace It Up

In its neutral or white hue, a dreamy modern bathroom is perfect for your home. Lace was widely used in ancient times, whether it be on table runners, curtains, or even on clothes that people used to wear. Hence, we can also decorate our modern bathroom by sewing  laces on shower curtains, floor mats, or in hand towels.

lace it up mid century modern bathroom

9. Get Groovy With Fresh Colors

We can maintain the minimalism of the modern bathroom and still use funky, fresh colors. Add a dash of color to things like Toothbrush stands, towel holders, and tiles in your bathroom. This can be a good option for your bathroom if you renovate it.

get groovy with fresh colors

10. Contrast Of Warm And Cool Tones

The very idea of introducing a contrast of warm and cool tones has a historical touch to it. This is quite an old style yet very attractive. Using warm tones alongside  cool tones when decorating the bathroom is an innovative idea.

contrast of warm and cool tones

11. Bring a Bohemian Vibe

Celebrate the bohemian vibe in your bathroom by decorating it with jute mats, plants, and nets. This ancient design type is considered much more comfortable to use as it can suit any bathroom. It is a perfect blend of new and mid-century styles.

bring a bohemian vibe

12. A Dreamy Powder Bathroom

You can create a dreamy bathroom by keeping the interiors in white or neutral colors, whether it is tiled, window panes, curtains, or perhaps anything of your modern bathroom. You can even source vintage tiles and other fixtures that were used in the Mid-Century bathrooms.

a dreamy powder bathroom

13. Mid-Century Cottage

Certainly, most people wouldn’t expect this Design to work. But, some soft elements of an English cottage can be a stunning addition, like curtains, wallpapers, or even bathroom mats.

mid century cottage

14. Gold Accents To Steal The Show

When considering the Mid-Century modern style, you can’t forget the dazzling gold accents that were present in almost every Design of the 60s. Thus, using gold accents in the knobs or towel hangers can be an amalgamation of both vintage and modern designs.

gold accents to steal the show

15. Stir In Some Sunshine

Yellow color conduct hope, light, and positivity. Therefore, you can definitely use it inside your modern bathroom to avail of the same. You can use yellow in cabinets, towels, or curtains to transform the look of your bathroom.

stir in some sunshine

16. Blend Classic And Trendy

An ultra-chic bathroom can be constructed by blending classic and trendy designs. This is a fashionable vintage style that is opted for by a large number of people who have an inclination toward an aesthetic vibe.

blend classic and trendy

17. Install Vintage Decor Items

You can source the materials once used in designing a Mid-Century bathroom and locate them in your modern bathroom. A large number of companies are producing all essential items like floor tiles, sinks, and windows once used by rich people.

install vintage decor items

18. Mid-Century Modern Statement

Make a bold statement with mid-century style. This particular bathroom design has been quite popular until today. You can use pink or light blue for decorative purposes or place an emerald green cabinet for a clean look in your modern bathroom.

mid century modern statement

19. Rewind And Re-Introduce Poodle Skirt

If your heart screams for colors like bubble gum pink, then use it in the decor of your bathroom. A 50’s inspired color can be reflected in curtains, floor tiles, or mirror lights. You can remodel your bathroom after this style that prevailed in the old days yet remains a popular style.

Rewind And Re-Introduce Poodle Skirt

20. A Classic Wood Vanity

A vintage wood vanity can be a stunning addition to your bathroom. It adds complete sophistication and elegance with absolutely no drama. Investing in a wooden vanity is definitely worth it.

A Classic Wood Vanity mid century modern bathroom

21. Floating Vanity

A floating vanity is ideal for a small vintage bathroom. You can use the golden, copper, bronze, and brass colors in the knobs of vanity, doors, or even in taps to give a luxurious touch to your bathroom. Designing your bathroom in Mid-Century Style may be a very costly affair.

Floating Vanity mid century modern bathroom


A bathroom with all modern facilities may look quite good, but its sophistication will increase if blended with vintage traits.

The modern bathroom can further be made more sophisticated by hanging some vintage paintings or old unique items like a mid-century bathtub that can sit pretty in your modern bathroom.

No wonder why people are remodeling their modern bathrooms after these timeless designs, as these interiors have a tendency to create a charming aura.

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