Ideas to Decorate Your Breakfast Nook

21 Ideas to Decorate Your Breakfast Nook

Are you looking for an exclusive design to define your breakfast nook at your home? Well, the best place in your living room is to sit with family and friends to have meals.

You should prefer to have some breakfast nooks at any corner having abundant light and air.

Having limited resources, you can get some breakfast nook ideas to spruce up your home and manage your living space.

Breakfast Nook Ideas Recommendations

1. Maintaining Architectural Style

You can maintain architectural excellence and eventually plan a décor with wooden planks. You may choose lights and fittings depending on your aesthetics. A smart breakfast corner and small wall-fitted table and chairs can spell wonder. Choose fabrics that suit your seating arrangement. Decorate with some seasonal flowers. Keep some stools with a leather finish top to enhance the look of the living room.

Maintaining Architectural Style

2. Whimsical Incorporation

Your Breakfast Corner Doesn’t Have to Follow Any Standard Rules for Décor. You Can Implement a Built-In Wall Sofa Preferentially Along with A Round Table and Two Chairs. a Handcrafted Center Table Can Be Your Focal Point, and You Can Keep Some Decorative Items to Add a Glamor Factor. Choose Your Breakfast Corner Near Your Window to Enjoy a Great Comfort Zone.

Whimsical Incorporation

3. Table Against the Wall

If you have a small-sized rounded wooden table, you can use it for your breakfast corner. You can place some chairs having comfortable cushions; ideal for making it an eating corner. Decorate the place with picture frames and masks. Allow some light and ventilation to get that ultimate cozy corner. The picture frames would take you to a world of imagination as you munch on your breakfast.

Table Against the Wall

4. Built-In Bench

You can decide and keep an in-built bench in your breakfast corner. The bench could be made from wood and a ply of your desired shade. Keep it light-colored and match it with any chair of your choice. Generally, metallic chairs with a padded back can be a good option. Decorate with some picture frames and lights. The light frames would decorate the corner with grandeur.

Built-In Bench

5. Breakfast Nook with Cesca Chairs

Having a breakfast nook with Cesca chairs can be a treat to the eyes. You can choose white colored seating arrangement, say a sofa with a small round table and chairs. The Cesca chairs with tubular steel frames and rattan seats can be a great match. You can decorate with cane-light frames.

Breakfast Nook with Cesca Chairs

6. Getting Cozier

Select a wooden dining table and keep it beside a built-in wall sofa. This seating arrangement can be further decorated with a brick wall décor; you can use wallpaper of this shade. Arrange some hanging lampshades and select good shades for your seating systems.

Getting Cozier

7. Bringing the Outdoors>

When selecting furniture for your breakfast corner, keep it near the window to allow maximum light. Keep no curtains, and select light-colored chairs and tables for an alluring touch. You can use green leaf paint to give the walls a soothing look. Choose a sapling for décor and some green-colored bottles for a complementary look.

Bringing the Outdoors

8. Balance the Bright with Cozy

You can keep a built-in wall bench in the corner of your living room. Keep a matching table and preferably a cushion cover of the same shade. Let there be uniformity with the upholstery too. You can install curtains with a check-printed design to complete the look. Using any two color schemes can prove suitable for your breakfast corner décor.

Balance the Bright with Cozy

9. Coordination with Upholstery

If you are installing upholstery in your living area, it’s better to have color coordination between them. The color of the blinds can match that of the furniture. You can paint the walls and ensure they match the room’s color scheme. The built-in -wall sofa can be a great combination to the low dining table. Your breakfast corner can be casual, and you can add decoration items matching the upholstery.

Coordination with Upholstery

10. Extended Backsplash Ideas

For some breakfast corners, having a backsplash is very much significant. There are some tiles as the perfect choice of backsplash. You can place the tile all over and extended areas too. The advantage is that the tiles can be washed and maintained with ease. Choose floor tiles that match the cabinets. You can choose a small table and some chairs for your breakfast corner. Add a splash of green for a perfect look.

Extended Backsplash Ideas

11. Blue and Pink Breakfast Nook by The Window

Blue and pink are the most desired shades for your breakfast nook. They are bright and define the vibrancy of your room. Choose a light shade of your choice and hang it for vibrancy. A built-in wall sofa will do justice to your breakfast corner. You can install a matching sofa cover; a round table and rattan chairs will add to the room’s glamour. Makes sure that blinds complement the look of the room.

Blue and Pink Breakfast Nook by The Window

12. Banquet at The Back of Kitchen Island

If you have an island kitchen design, then you can plan to have a built-in wall seating arrangement as well. Install a table having a pedestal that can support some heavy crockeries and food kept. Add some more chairs apart from the sofa. The background of the kitchen can be white or any other light shade color. A chandelier can enhance the look of the kitchen. Keep some flowers for vibrancy; you can choose stripe or printed cushions to support your back.

Banquet at The Back of Kitchen Island

13. Next to The Kitchen Built-In Banquet

Your dining space can be placed next to your kitchen. You can arrange the breakfast nook near your kitchen by placing a table and chairs. The built-in sofa and seating arrangement can prove comfortable for a 3-4 person seating capacity. Choose chairs with small heights for easy movement. The breakfast table can be white or light-shaded; it can be covered with a tablecloth.  Add a splash of green and some fruit bowls for the ultimate cozy, comfortable look.

Next to The Kitchen Built-In Banquet

14. Two-Sided Booth Built-In Breakfast Nook

You can arrange built-in seating on both sides. The benches look smart and sturdy. The breakfast table is attached to the wall. This is a space-saving model allowing you a lot of leg space. The cushions can be made from a striped material. If your breakfast corner has abundant sunlight, that could be an advantage. Make use of a light that can focus on your table and food, specifically. Wooden tiles or flooring can make it look even more attractive.

Two-Sided Booth Built-In Breakfast Nook

15. Pink Channel Bench with Kelly Wearstler Chairs

Here in this image is a built-in wall bench with alluring pink color. You can add a medium-sized rounded table and some chairs. Let the table be lightweight, and also the chairs be low height and matching to the breakfast nook. You can maintain the abundance of a single color here in this particular type of design. Make sure that the flowers are matching to the color scheme.

Pink Channel Bench with Kelly Wearstler Chairs

16. Minimalist Look

The theme of home décor is being minimalist. Here in this design, there is a small table and three lightweight chairs. A cobblestone theme dominates the wall décor, and the furniture matches the theme. This type of breakfast nook can be created at any corner of your house, but near windows could be suitable, anyways.

Minimalist Look

17. Perch by With Window

As we already discussed, that window side could be the best suited for being a breakfast nook; you may choose any place by the windows. When the room is filled with air- and light, that could be the best situation for enjoying meals. Spruce up your home décor with rattan chairs and a round table. Fix a light from above and buy some matching cushions.

Perch by With Window

18. Curved Built-In Banquet

You can use a banquet, especially the corner portions, to make your breakfast nook. You may select a curved sofa with a smooth leather finish and a table that compliments the entire show. Buy stools matching the curved sofa and some decor to complement the look. All these elements are put together, and the breakfast nook is cozy and snuggly.

Curved Built-In Banquet

19. Pops of Color

If you select a color scheme, say red or pink, you can continue to have its abundance everywhere in your living space. If you have a built-in wall sofa, you can use them as a seating arrangement. Make sure you have a pop of colors applied in the choosiest ways. Your living room will have a reflection of your favorite shades put together most wisely.

Pops of Color

20. French Bistro Chair and Wooden Table

The ultimate breakfast nook can be constructed with a bistro chair. You can install a wooden round table having a solid pedestal. Select a hanging lamp and then adapt some flower décor. Your breakfast nook will look good when your color coordination matches the scheme of the walls too.

French Bistro Chair and Wooden Table

21. Small Sofa and Rectangular Table

If you have a rectangular table and a small sofa, then any corner of your house can be converted into a breakfast nook. Make sure that the table you choose should be lightweight, and the chairs should match. The theme color should reflect everywhere and its best poured upon the walls. Prefer a movable table, rather than a table with wheels so that it can be moved from place to place.

Small Sofa and Rectangular Table

Tips to Decorate Your Breakfast Nook:

You can go by various designs and decide the best one for you. But, when you are planning to design a nook, there are certain things you can keep in mind.

  1. Maximize seating capacity: You must decide that the seating capacity generally ranges from 4-8 persons. You can arrange for cushioned chairs as well as a built-in wall seating arrangement. You can extend by arranging some tools. You can increase the number of seats depending on the table size.
  2. Bring in bistro chairs: Bistro chairs are well suited for the breakfast nook. They are economical and suit the requirement of your room. Your makeshift breakfast nook arrangement can take shape with bistro chairs.
  3. Adding color to the walls: You can add pretty colors to the walls of your breakfast nook. Light-colored walls look good, significantly, when you can add a splash of color to the furniture. Bright-colored cushion covers like blue, pink, and red can add a splash of glamor to the walls. Choose your upholstery accordingly.
  4. Playing with patterns and walls: You will have to choose between the various pattern of cushion covers and wall decors. Draw coordination between the two can give you a wonderful result, and you will see a great combination of furniture and paints. Get some breakfast nook ideas involving some mind-blowing patterns for that ultimate look.
  5. Work on your budget: After getting some breakfast nook ideas, you can apply them according to your existing budget. Going for wooden flooring and furniture can make you go a bit expensive, but if you can use the existing ones, you can work wonders without making a hole in your pocket. Going for trendy plastic furniture can prove to be economic and right in style.

Applying Breakfast Nook Ideas to Your Existing Living Room

While you select some breakfast nook ideas, you have to keep in mind that you are ultimately choosing some cozy designs for your room. You can choose tables and chairs by choosing a nook in your room and keeping in mind the comfort of the zone.

Keep some picture frames and souvenirs in place to enhance the corner’s beauty. You will decide on the color scheme of the walls of your breakfast nook and pick the upholstery accordingly. Not necessary that you will have to shed much money decorating your home, but you can deck with already existing furniture.

Squeeze in some small table for decorating the corner of your living room and then adorn a splash of green. Keep the walls’ tone neutral and add vibrant picture frames. Sprucing up your breakfast nook requires furniture, frames, decor, and a table supporting some mandatory crockeries.

Choose the splash of colors that can make your nook look different, completely; add some fresh green plants to add some fresh vibes. Have your breakfast in style with beautiful vibrancy and invite positive vibes into your life with abundant sunlight. Start your day with the choosiest bread, enough sunlight, lavish décor, and positive vibrancy.

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