Types of Pantry Cabinets to Consider for the Kitchen

5 Types of Pantry Cabinets to Consider for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen pantry cabinet allows you additional storage space within the kitchen. Available in different colors and multiple shapes, the kitchen pantry cabinets also beautify your kitchen. The importance of a pantry cabinet plays a major role in adding value to your kitchen both from the point of view of sleekness, sophistication, and utility. Check Latest Deals for Emma Bridgewater discount vouchers and get the best pantry fillers at lower prices.

One of the major benefits of a kitchen pantry cabinet is that it can be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen. You don’t have to create a space for its installation. If your kitchen is quite spacious, you can even install two such pantry cabinets. You don’t have to create a space for them. On the other hand, if you have a space problem, you keep a smallerPantry Cabinet.

The kitchen pantry fixture is available in multiple sizes and shapes. They can fit in almost all kitchens. Whatever may the size of the pantry may be, this useful fixture can fit in. It is extremely useful for storing kitchen appliances, spoons, and forks of various sizes, non-perishable food articles, and linens.

Types of Pantry Cabinets You Can Install in Your Kitchen

You have several options for buying a Pantry Cabinet. This is due to the reason that it is available in multiple types. You may procure one depending on the size of your kitchen. They have drawers, shelves, and doors to facilitate your storage options.

In selecting this kitchen fixture, you have both the options of a permanent one and a portable one. The choice is yours.

We are giving below examples of five such types that you may find very useful for your kitchen:

Freestanding Pantry Cabinet

If you want more storage space, this can be a good option for you. A freestanding type pantry cabinet does not require to be fixed in a particular place. If you want to change its location, you can do it. It can be brought from place of the kitchen to another place with comfortable ease.

freestanding pantry cabinet

Wall Pantry

This may be ideal for you if you want to enhance the storage capacity. This type of Pantry Cabinet is built into the wall of your kitchen. A wall pantry can give you a lot of space to store utensils, plates and dishes, edibles, and sundry other items that you use daily in your kitchen.

wall pantry

Butler’s Pantry Cabinet

This type ofPantry Cabinet is very useful for those who occasionally invite quite a large number of guests at dinner or lunch. This particular kitchen fixture is getting used for centuries together. However, people still find it very useful. A butler’s pantry cabinet offers you a pretty large space and a sizeable countertop area.

Butler’s Pantry Cabinet

Standalone Pantry Cabinet

If you have a space crunch in your kitchen, you should choose this type of Cabinet. It can be placed anywhere inside the kitchen. This placement is hassle-free. You can carry it anywhere within the kitchen, wherever there is a space for it to stand alone.

Standalone Pantry Cabinet

Slide-Out Type

In most modern homes, there is a space crunch. This is also the same with the kitchen. The Slide-out type is ideally suited to make the best use of limited space. Equipped with rotating doors and sliding shelves, kind of Cabinet provides enough space for non-perishable food items, kitchenware, and other accessories.

slide out type cabinet

Benefits of Having a Kitchen with Pantry Cabinets

There are a large number of utility aspects related to the kitchen pantry cabinets. As a result, this fixture is popular among people almost in all parts of the world. The reason for this is the utilities and benefits that you get from installing kitchen pantry cabinets.

We are explaining below five significant benefits of having a kitchen with this particular fixture:

Modern Outlook to Your Kitchen

There are modular kitchens to add both a sleek look and large storage capacity. But the non-modular kitchens, too, can offer a modern look if the cabinets are installed within them. You are living in a modern era. So you can make your kitchen also a modern one.

Kitchen Looks Well-Organised

A pantry with a cabinet eliminates the risk of littering food items and kitchenware. You can put all kitchen-related essentials in a dedicated place. As a result, there will be littering, which does not offer a good look. Visitors to your kitchen can find even relaxingly gossip with you if they find the kitchen good.

All in One Place

In the kitchen, you may fumble to find out a particular item. It can be a kitchen knife, saltbox, sugar container, or even a spoon. But a cabinet will store them all. So whenever you find the required item in the Cabinet, whenever you need it.

Saving Money Through Bulk Buying of Food Items

Suppose you have enough storage capacity in your kitchen. In that case, you will buy sufficient edible items in the supermarket to gain the sale bargain and save time by frequently visiting the supermarket.

Your kitchen cabinet will enable you to store more food items in one place. We all know bulk buying can help you a lot to save money on edible items.

Optimum Utilisation of Kitchen Space

Your pantry kitchen cabinet is best suited to optimize the available space. Unfortunately, modern the old ones, modern kitchens don’t have sufficient space to keep essential items and kitchenware. This problem can be solved by bringing a cabinet into your kitchen.


A modern kitchen can hardly be imagined without aPantry Cabinet. This fixture offers a sleek look to your pantry kitchen.

This is one of the reasons why you find most modern kitchens equipped with cabinets. From the utility angle, you can store all essential items used in a kitchen.

They are ideal for non-perishable food items. In addition, this kitchen fixture is considered essential for hygiene as pests cannot foray into your edible items.

Undoubtedly, you require a Pantry Cabinetfor the multiple benefits you can derive from it.

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